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Power Cords

Challenges and Solutions to Serving the Electronic Needs of a Global Marketplace

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Rapid Growth of Electronics Consumerism There are now more electrical devices and electronics being used throughout the world than most people could have possibly imagined just a decade ago. There are countless types of devices, and beyond that, millions of users in virtually every part of the world. People who only recently gained access to […]

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electronic cable wire

With Consolidated, it’s simple to create your own custom product.

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While most of the modern gadgets we rely on appear wireless, behind the scenes things like smart phones, Wi-Fi, and tablets, require miles of wires and cable to operate. When it comes to supplying the perfect cables and wires for the modern digitized and online landscape, one-size definitely does not fit all. Whether you are […]

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Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product

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Nothing is worse than having a wire or cable fail on your commercial or industrial project. Not only can it mean downtime and costly repairs, but it can also ruin your reputation.  At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we know how difficult it can be to choose the exact wire for your unique applications. That […]

Molded Cable Assembly

Important Discussion Points When Designing a Custom Cable Assembly

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Custom-designed cable assemblies are an integral component of countless applications, including commercial and home electronics, appliances, medical equipment, aerospace, military, telecommunications, automotive, industrial equipment and more. Designing a cable assembly can be difficult and challenging. Thankfully, a custom cable manufacturer can walk you through the process. However, be sure to address the items below with […]


creating a custom cable

The Key Factors to Creating a Custom Cable

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Purchasing cable or wire right “off-the-shelf” that fits your specific application perfectly is easier said than done. Oftentimes, this is not the case for commercial and industrial projects. These are times when it helps to have an expert in manufacturing custom cables in your corner. At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we have many years […]


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