The Key Factors to Creating a Custom Cable

Purchasing cable or wire right “off-the-shelf” that fits your specific application perfectly is easier said than done. Oftentimes, this is not the case for commercial and industrial projects.

Cover_-_Custom_Cable_eBookThese are times when it helps to have an expert in manufacturing custom cables in your corner. At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we have many years of experience creating high-quality custom cables for a wide variety of applications including medical equipment, appliances, computers, and automation systems.

Because of our capabilities and expertise, we thought it would benefit our customers to release an eBook laying out what you need to know about custom cable manufacturing. Creating a Custom Cable is a detailed eBook that takes the reader through all the questions they need to have answered in order to get the best out of the custom cable manufacturing process.

When it comes to creating a custom cable there are a number of key elements and factors to consider.

  • How much do you need?:  Some suppliers can only handle certain amounts and sizes, so you need to have this locked down from day one.
  • What are your lead-time demands?:  Rush delivery usual takes a week, while regular orders might take between 7-10 weeks.
  • What are your essential cable requirements?:  These can include cable type, whether they are to be used indoor or outdoor, and exposure temperatures.
  • What kind of conductors/insulation/shielding/jacketing/filler do you need?:  There are many material choices for all of these, so you need to do your homework, or have an expert, like Consolidated Electronic, guide you through the process.
  • Do your cables need to meet or exceed certain industry standards?:  These include popular standards like RoHS, OSHA, and Mil-Spec.

All of this information and more can be found in our new eBook, Creating a Custom CableShould you have any questions afterward, please contact Consolidated so one of our custom cable experts can assist you.

To download our free eBook, Creating a Custom Cable, simply click the link or select the button below.


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