Cables and Wires for the Factory Automation Industry

Serving the Factory Automation Sector

The factory automation and industrial control systems market will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% from 2020–2025, according to Mordor Intelligence.

This increase is the result of automation growth among a variety of industries, necessitated by the use of smarter automated solutions to improve production processes.

Automation industry growth drives the need for adequate cables that can support the unique power and data transfer demands of new and innovative solutions. The design focus of industrial automation cables includes two-way signal communications that facilitate automated equipment control. These signal transmission capabilities make it possible for robotics and other automated equipment to reliably perform a variety of different tasks with precise control.

Industry Challenges

As with any innovation, technological advancements in the factory automation space produce a variety of challenges which require viable solutions. Some of these concerns include:


Complexity and sophistication within automated systems produce savings associated with labor, energy, and materials. Proportionate to these advances are those related to quality, accuracy, and precision. More efficient equipment ultimately creates more expensive downtime when it breaks down.

Consequently, power distribution and data cables for production lines, automated machinery, safety systems, and communications require a higher level of reliability and dependability. It is imperative that these components facilitate decreased maintenance frequency and subsequent maintenance downtime. Reliable cable performance ultimately improves uptime, which directly impacts operational efficiency and profitability.


In a related vein, factories are demanding greater durability and flexibility in their automated components. Cables supplying power and communication to robotic elements undergo extreme levels of mechanical stress during operation because robot technologies require a high frequency of direction changes as they operate.

It is crucial for manufacturers of cables and connectors to meet durability challenges without sacrificing flexibility. Design elements required in automation cables include force compensation, loose braiding, variations in slip planes, and innovative shield concepts to ensure performance after several million cycles.

How Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable Helps

The modern automated industrial plant requires superior communication and control cables to operate devices and components. At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we produce solutions that meet and exceed expectations for high performance and reliability.

Meeting Maintenance/Reliability Challenges

To ensure greater operational reliability with lower maintenance frequency, Consolidated provides a range of solutions, including:

  • Custom electronic wire and cable
  • Data-grade cable
  • General line wire and cable
  • Multi-conductor cable
  • Power cable

Our offerings often exceed customer requirements due to our strict quality assurance testing and inspection practices, executed throughout the production process.

Meeting Durability/Flexibility Challenges

In response to challenges related to durability and flexibility, we have focused our attention on producing custom-designed cables that offer durable performance in normal, flexible, and robotic-flexible applications.

The jacketing material used on custom cables critically affects their flexibility. For demanding applications, we can apply polyurethane jacketing to impart higher strength and greater flexibility than other materials.

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