Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has serviced the wire and cable industry since 1919. Our portfolio contains just a few examples of how we have continuously provided our customers with the best products at the best price. 

Custom Wire Harness for the Pump Manufacturing Industry

A customer in the pump manufacturing industry approached Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable in need of a custom wire harness.

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Custom Cable for Medical Cart

A medical industry client recently contacted our team requesting custom manufactured, retractile cords for hospital carts.

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hospital grade retractile cords

Hospital Grade Retractile Cords

Custom cables for the medical industry require an advanced degree of quality and workmanship; at Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we specialize in cords that fulfill the most stringent standards.

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Shielded Retractile Cords for the Medical Industry

Recently, a medical equipment company contacted us to manufacture a shielded, six conductor, high gloss polyurethane retractile cord.

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Custom retractile cord with molded adapter

Custom Retractable Cord

This project required precision over molding to fulfill our customer’s specifications. After custom tooling the over mold, we manufactured the DIN connector with strain relief (S/R) using polypropylene as a base material.

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retractile cord with custom grommet

Retractile Cord with Custom Grommet

A customer in the medical field recently came to us requesting a custom retractile cord with a 9 Pin D Sub Connector.

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ethernet cords for telecommunications

Ethernet Cords for Telecommunications

A customer in the telecommunications industry needed communication/ethernet cords with strain relief.

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Custom Cable Harness Assembly for Industrial Controller Panel

To meet our customer’s needs Consolidated developed an effective, workable design that would harness a male and female cable to an industrial controller panel.

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Custom Printed Cable Jacket

A customer specializing in audio sensor monitoring equipment required a proprietary cable with their name and part number printed on the cable jacket.

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Molded Cable Assembly

Custom Designed Audio Cable Assembly for Telecommunication Client

Collaborated with a customer’s engineering team to design and develop a product that fulfilled their requirements for a high-definition audio/video pullout cable assembly.

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Fluid Management Portfolio

Custom Cable Assembly for Fluid Management Industry

Our design experts and engineers consistently develop efficient designs and manufacturing processes that deliver top quality at reduced costs.

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Custom Manufactured Watertight Marine Power Cords

If your marine applications require a waterproof power cord, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has the specific expertise and experience needed to provide an effective and viable solution.

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Custom Manufactured Cable for Industrial Cleaning Machine

A customer approached Consolidated for a custom cable to be used in a heavy-duty industrial cleaning machine.

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Custom Manufactured Cable Assembly for Remote Control Panel

First, we defined the cable assembly parameters. The process included cable extrusion, jacket removal, cutting and stripping, as well as connector termination.

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coaxial cable

Custom Coaxial Cable for Remote Control

The Consolidated custom coaxial cable met a variety of customer specifications, including tight tolerances of +/- .010”. Consolidated also performed tensile, AC HV, DC HV, and flame tests.

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Custom Manufactured Thermoplastic Integral Parallel Cord

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable manufactured a thermoplastic integral parallel cord for use with sound equipment.

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Custom TPE retractile cord for municipality vehicles

Custom TPE Cords for Municipality Vehicles

When a client in the safety equipment industry needed custom retractile cords for municipality vehicles, they contracted with Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable to fulfill a high-volume order.

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