Cables and Wires for the Agricultural Industry

Serving the Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry plays a critical role in the global economy—i.e., providing the population with food. As such, it is essential to ensure the industry’s operations continue to proceed efficiently and effectively. Otherwise, food production would decrease, the food supply chain would be disrupted, and food stores would diminish. One method of achieving this goal is by investing in reliable agricultural machinery, which necessitates the use of high-quality cable and wire products.

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, our experts have the knowledge and skills needed to produce custom cable and wire for agricultural equipment and systems. All of our products are custom-designed and -constructed to meet our clients’ performance needs and abide by the highest quality standards.

Challenges of Manufacturing Cable and Wire for the Agricultural Industry

In the agricultural industry, there are two main challenges industry professionals must overcome regarding cables and wires:

Durability/Flexibility Requirements

Agricultural equipment is often subjected to harsh operating and environmental conditions—e.g., exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasive or corrosive compounds, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Additionally, the design of most machines involves numerous moving components. For these reasons, the wires and cables used in agricultural machinery must be highly durable and flexible to withstand long-term use without experiencing performance issues and exhibiting damage or degradation.

Maintenance/Replacement Costs

As indicated above, the wires and cables for agricultural equipment must be long-lasting. Otherwise, industry workers would need to continually repair and replace them, resulting in enormous maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Applications of Cable and Wire in the Agricultural Industry

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we fully understand the importance of efficient and reliable equipment to the agricultural industry. For this reason, we design and engineer our custom cable and wire products for efficient and consistent performance in a wide range of applications across the agricultural industry, such as:


As suggested by the name, harvesters are used to harvest crops. Similar to other types of electric-powered agricultural machines, they rely on wires and cables to function properly. During harvest season, durable and reliable electric connection products are essential as there is little to no time to waste to prepare ripe food products for processing and distribution.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems distribute water to crop fields. In electrical systems, the wires and cables employed must be designed and manufactured for reliability and durability in moisture-laden environments.


Submersible pumps are generally found in deep wells. Due to their unique location, they require cables and wires that offer consistent performance in rugged and restrictive environments.


Sensors are becoming increasingly important in agriculture. They are used to monitor crops, adjust irrigation cycles, alert operators about abnormalities, and more. For comprehensive and constant coverage, sensor systems must employ highly durable cables and wiring.

Shipping/Transportation Vehicles

Shipping and transportation vehicles must maintain strict environmental conditions to prevent food from spoiling. Any issues with the electrical system can prevent refrigeration or ventilation systems from functioning properly, resulting in the loss of tons of perishable products. As such, high-quality cables are essential.

Storage and Packaging Facilities

Similar to shipping/transportation vehicles, storage and packaging facilities must also maintain tight control over the internal climate to avoid premature food spoilage. As such, their refrigeration and ventilation systems also require reliable wires and cables for their electrical subsystems.

Why Choose a Custom Wire or Cable?

Wires and cables find application in many types of agriculture machines, all of which have different designs, purposes, and operating requirements. While there are numerous standard products available to accommodate these various applications, some situations—i.e., machines with highly critical, specific, or unique requirements—necessitate a custom solution. For these cases, the experts at Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable are here to help.

By offering custom consultation, design, manufacturing, and assembly services to customers, we ensure they receive a wire or cable solution that fully meets their specifications and standards, whether the product will be installed in a harvester, irrigation system, pump, or other agricultural machine. Since components are tailored to the needs of the specific system, they are guaranteed to offer the necessary performance characteristics and to operate more effectively and efficiently than standard products, which can translate to lower operating, maintenance, and replacement costs over time.

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable for Agriculture Wires and Cables

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has served as a source of high-quality standard and custom wire and cable products for over 100 years. Throughout our years in business, we’ve provided customers from virtually every industry—including agriculture—with electrical connection solutions for some of the most challenging applications.

To learn more about our product offerings, check out our product catalog. For assistance choosing a standard product or designing a custom product for your needs, contact our experts today.

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