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An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a broad term for companies that produce fully finished equipment, as well as core internal components. As a leading provider of custom electronic wire and cable solutions, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable offers a wide variety of OEM cables and wire harnesses to support a diverse range of applications.

OEM Cable Solutions

As a one-stop service provider, we manufacture everything from bulk wire and cable to molded cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and box builds. Our diverse product line includes:

  • Coax: We offer an extensive range of coaxial cables with various shielding, jacket, and dielectric materials to meet the needs of diverse applications.
  • Multi-conductor/multi-pair: We offer several styles of shielded and unshielded multi-pair and multi-conductor cables.
  • Hook-up & lead wire: We offer hook-up and lead wires that meet the needs of MIL-Spec requirements, the automotive industry, high-temperature applications, building and fixture applications, and UL style.
  • Portable cord/power cable: SEOOW, SJEOOW, SJOOW, SJTOOW, SOOW, and STOOW.
  • Parallel cord and speaker wire: We offer parallel lamp and HPN cords as well as speaker wire, in a range of insulation materials, thicknesses, temperature and voltage ratings, and other specifications.
  • Power-limited tray cable: Multi-connector shielded and unshielded PLTC, multi-pair individually shielded PLTC, multi-pair overall foil shielded PLTC.
  • Tinned copper braid: We offer flat, oval, and tubular tinned copper braid in a variety of specifications.
  • Uninsulated wire: Bare copper bus bar, bare nickel chromium resistance wire 60%, bare nickel chromium resistance wire 80%, stranded bare copper, stranded phosphorous bronze, and tinned copper bus bar.
  • Fire alarm cable: Our fire alarm cable comes in several varieties, including high-temperature shielded and unshielded plenum, shielded and unshielded New York City Local Law 39, shielded and unshielded riser, and more.
  • Magnet Wire: Heavy build 200 °C NEMA MW-35/73 and single build 155 °C NEMA MW-80.
  • Category and LAN cables: CMP and CMR cables are ETL or UL listed, C(ETL) verified to TIA-568-C.2 or C(UL) FT4, and have a temperature rating of -20 °C to 75 °C. Outdoor rated cables can handle temperatures between -40 °C to 75°C.
  • Extruded flat cable: UL2651 Gray PVC insulation .010 in. 28 awg with a red polarity stripe, 26 awg blue with a polarity stripe. Extruded flat cables are also available in 2.0 and 2.5 mm pitch and additional UL styles.

Industrial Applications of OEM Cables

OEM cables from Consolidated Electronic are used throughout many diverse applications. Since they are built according to exact specifications, they are suitable for use in virtually any industry. With over 100 years of experience, our team has the necessary skills and resources to deliver a quality product.

Some of the most common applications for our OEM cables include:

  • Agricultural. Our cables enhance the reliability of agricultural equipment like harvesters, pumps, and crop sensors. They are also used within the electrical systems of irrigation equipment, within shipping and transportation vehicles, and inside refrigeration and ventilation systems. 
  • Industrial control systems. Our OEM cables can be used to transmit signals, data, or power to manufacturing equipment from the control board. This is critical in ensuring the proper functioning of industrial facilities; therefore, these cables need to be highly durable and reliable.
  • Medical. Cables used in medical applications must be safe, reliable, and space-saving. Our products comply with stringent industry regulations and are suitable for diverse medical settings, including operating rooms, laboratories, patient monitor settings, and much more. 
  • Military. Cables used in military settings require exceptional dependability and must be able to endure harsh environmental conditions. Our products are suitable for military vehicles, aerospace equipment, communications equipment, remote weapons control, EMI-sensitive equipment, and much more. 
  • Telecommunications. Easy to identify and made from inflammable materials, our telecommunications cables reduce interference and noise from competing signals. We offer both shielded twisted pair (STP) and unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables in a variety of sophisticated jacket and insulation material options. 
  • Automotive. Specifically engineered to meet industry standards, these cables withstand chemical solvents, extreme temperatures, moisture, and other challenging environmental factors. Our automotive cables are tailored to the exact needs of each application, including gauge, plating material, strand count, insulation thickness, and temperature resistance customization.

Consolidated Electronic, Your Trusted OEM Electronic Cable Manufacturer

Consolidated Electronic is passionate about delivering quality products with personalized service. Since we are an employee-owned company, each member of our staff is fully dedicated to ensuring our customers’ complete satisfaction. All of our products undergo stringent quality control procedures, including in-process inspections, product specification verification, application testing, and more.

At Consolidated Electronic, you’ll experience a one-stop shopping experience backed by our just-in-time stock program that guarantees fast turnaround. Our convenient location just minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport ensures your products will arrive promptly, wherever you’re located.

Quality You Can Trust

No matter what industry or government standards your cables must comply with, our team will ensure your needs are met. We have a long history of serving clients from diverse backgrounds including the medical industry, military and aerospace, automotive, green technology, and much more. All of the cables we produce are subject to stringent quality standards for both design and manufacturing.

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable upholds a wide range of certifications, including:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • California Proposition 65 (Prop65)

To learn more about our quality assurance processes, visit our certifications page.

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If you’re looking for quality custom OEM cables, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has the experience and capabilities to meet your needs. We implement a Total Quality Management system throughout our manufacturing process to ensure each finished product adheres to your unique specifications and agency approval requirements. To get started on your custom solution, reach out to our team or request a quote today.

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