Power Cords & Retractile Cords

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is proud to offer a broad range of power supply and retractile cords.

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Each offering in our line of power and retractile cords is designed to meet today’s varied and specialized electronic applications, whether in the U.S. or abroad. Our cords are available in stock configurations for all common applications and appliances across industries and for consumer use. Consolidated is also proud to offer power supply and retractile cords customized for every specification and requirement for your processes. As an employee-owned company, we are dedicated to being completely flexible and responsive to the unique needs of each of our customers.

At Consolidated, we pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control standards. We are fully committed to strict testing and quality assurance procedures throughout our enterprise. As an ISO 9000:2008 company, we employ Total Quality Management principles across our facilities.

Our numerous quality control steps, incorporated into every aspect of our production workflow, are enforced from the actual drawing of the copper conductor to the final molding and assembly for the finished power supply cord. We thoroughly test all raw materials and every finished product before it leaves our facilities for delivery to you.

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