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Wondering how Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable works behind the scenes? We’re happy to show you!

The process below breaks down how we move your project through from providing a quote all the way to delivering the final product.

Equipped with over 100 years of experience, you’ll see how our expert team dedicates the entire process to ensuring the success of your project. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that our entire team—from engineering to sales—is working to meet your needs.

Step One: Sales Team Gathers Specs for the Quote

creating a custom cable guide

Before we can provide you with a quote for your project, we’ll need information about your required materials and end applications. We instruct our sales representatives to gather information such as:

  • Material characteristics
  • Dimensions and quantities
  • Application environment conditions

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Some customers submit designs or drawings of their desired product — if these documents are available and specify the types of connectors required, they’ll send DWGs, PDFs or CAD files to our sales team to facilitate the quote process.


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Step Two: Sales Team Sends Specs to the Production Team for the Quote

Once our sales team collects all the necessary information, they send it to the production team. At this point, our production team or engineers may reach out to you with additional questions.

Raw materials are a major factor impacting the project’s quote and turnaround time. Exotic materials may require additional time to obtain pricing information from the supplier based on their location.

Our engineering team will make sure to help you with material recommendations based on any provided designs and drawings and/or the application requirements.

Step Three: Sales Team Sends the Quote to the Customer

The final quote includes pricing details and lead times. Once it’s ready, our sales team emails it to you and within one to two days, one of our sales reps follows up by phone to ensure there are no problems with pricing, lead time, or other details included in the quote. Depending on the product, we can offer expedited turnaround options, if needed.

Step Four: Customer Accepts the Quote

If you’re satisfied with the quote, we begin creating a product design or drawing for them to sign off on. In certain cases, our production team may create a sample before manufacturing the final product. This option is dependent on the product and the size of your order.

Step Five: Customer Fills Out New Customer Form

New to Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable? We provide you with our form for new customers with information about our payment terms. For credit card orders, this step is not necessary.

Step Six: Quality Check

conwire certifications

All of our products are tested on-site at our factory to ensure they fully meet the specifications and standards of our customers. View our certifications.

Step Seven: Packaging and Shipping

Once we have manufactured and quality checked every piece of the order, it is time for us to complete the finishing touches. We carefully package the products at our facility before shipping them to the customer.

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