Our Proud History

Since 1919, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has served as a leading manufacturer of standard and custom electronic wire, cable, power supply cords, molded cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

Consolidated-Electronic-Wire-Full-LogoLongevity in a company involves a number of crucial factors, chief among them being versatility and adaptability. With nearly a hundred years of experience, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is no different, refining its processes and products along with history.

Consolidated, incorporated in 1919 as Consolidated Wire & Associated Corporations, has always been based in Chicago, Illinois. The company began life as a successor to the Mann Electric Company. A listing for that company can still be found in the US Government Printing Office’s Congressional Serial Set.

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Enlisted into History – World War II

Historical-Spool-retouched (1)Throughout the 1920s, Consolidated Wire & Associated Corporations manufactured and provided cable and wire, cable and radio accessories to the electrical and electronic distribution industry. This continued until 1940. With the onset of World War II, Consolidated was pulled into history when it was enlisted by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for its manufacturing expertise: The company contributed to war efforts by supplying wire and cable needed for military communication purposes.

Following World War II, Consolidated Wire & Associated Corporations broadened its scope to respond to post-war markets. With consumerism rising and the economy expanding, Consolidated served many companies within the United States appliance and home entertainment industries. This involved manufacturing parts for radios, televisions and numerous household appliances.

Expansion, Evolution & Growth – the 1980s & 1990s

Company HistoryThe 1980s brought with it a changing of the guard for Consolidated Wire & Associated Corporations. The decade saw the ownership of the company pass from the founding family to the second generation. At this time, the name of the company was changed to Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable Corporation, the name under which the company operates to this day.

Consolidated saw a change in business philosophy during this period as the company moved further into the OEM marketplace. The company also moved into international marketplaces in the 1980s, forging partnerships with companies in a number of Asian countries. This international versatility gave Consolidated a competitive edge and allowed the company to balance and strengthen its own domestic manufacturing locations.

In the late 1990s, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable evolved further. In July 1998, the company began the process of becoming an ESOP company where the employees retained ownership through stock options. Today, 80% of Consolidated is owned by its employees. As a company that is smaller than some of its competitors, this has allowed Consolidated to become a “customer driven company,” and be more flexible to customers’ needs.

Looking Forward

Cable-Spool-retouchedConsolidated has seen tremendous growth and prosperity throughout the years, but the company’s main priority has remained steadfast: its customers. Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable continues to strive to improve manufacturing processes and product offerings to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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