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Cables used for medical applications must be reliable and safe. Their uses in different areas of the medical industry—such as laboratories, operating rooms, or patient monitoring—require that they meet the highest standards.

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, our product line includes a variety of suitable cables for use in medical environments. Cable manufacturers for the medical industry must comply with stringent regulations, which are intended to ensure the delivery of high-quality products on a repeatable basis.
Examples of common medical applications for cables include:

  • Circulatory assist devices
  • Defibrillators
  • Electrosurgery cables
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Medical imaging
  • X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Patient monitoring equipment
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Reusable and disposable SpO2 cables
  • Telemetry cables
  • Ultrasound probes

Custom Cable Solutions

Medical Industry Challenges

The medical sector faces a variety of operational challenges that impact equipment sourcing and selection. Some of these include:

Space Efficiency

Space is often at a premium as hospitals and clinics seek ways to treat higher patient volumes. This has led to the development of cables that offer space-saving capabilities without sacrificing performance or regulatory compliance. Customized retractable cords have become popular in many medical applications for their durability and resistance to twisting and knotting.


There is little room for error when it comes to medical equipment. Devices must operate at 100% efficiency at all times to ensure optimal patient care and safety. It’s critical that medical buyers select cables designed to function in the stringent operating conditions posed by healthcare environments.

Standards and Regulations

All medical equipment must adhere to a broad range of strict industry standards from a variety of private and government agencies. For example, devices used in medical environments must be able to tolerate routine sterilization procedures to comply with medical cleanliness standards. This means that medical device manufacturers must ensure they source cables that can tolerate the scrutiny and performance standards put for by regulatory bodies.

COVID-19 Response SupplierHow Consolidated Electronic Can Help

Consolidated Wire & Cable offers a variety of products well-suited for use in medical environments. Some of our most popular medical products include:

Retractile Cords

Consolidated Electronic manufactures retractile cords that curl to save considerable space. The unique design of our retractile cables enables them to extend in length multiple times and quickly return to their original shape. These highly versatile cords take up little room when not in use and also provide more efficient cord organization to eliminate safety issues posed by tangled wires. Typical applications for retractile cords include defibrillators, X-ray and scanning equipment, and finger pulse oximeters, among many other types of equipment. These cords automatically retract to save time during critical medical procedures, eliminating the need to put wires away or wrap up the cords. Retractile cords also provide users with increased mobility, allowing doctors and nurses to move equipment around larger spaces.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolded cable assemblies offer a reliable replacement for standard cable assemblies that require a supporting backshell. Overmolded are manufactured through insert molding, custom in-house tooling, or manual assembly, and are designed to provide additional protection in harsh environments. These cables easily withstand the frequent sterilization, abrasion, and overall strain common in medical settings.

Wire Coatings

Coatings on wires protect cables against harsh environmental conditions, such as frequent sterilization practices. At Consolidated Electronic, our capabilities include all types of coatings and strict quality assurance practices to verify that all customer requirements have been met.

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At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we lead the industry in constructing wire and cable solutions that exceed customer expectations and meet or exceed the industry’s most stringent standards. With cutting-edge equipment and years of experience in the medical field, we are a perfect cable and wire vendor for your next medical industry project. Consolidated Electronic offers custom solutions for wires and cables used throughout the medical industry. We provide our customers with a variety of options, including the number of conductors available, both shielded and unshielded cables, varying lengths, and an array of colors and coatings.

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