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Green technology development has made strides in efforts to create more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Developing technology that is more environmentally conscious helps preserve resources and combat the broad and harmful impacts of global climate change. Green technology is a broad topic that spans renewable energy, environmental monitoring, electric vehicles, energy storage, and more.

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we’re dedicated to supporting the design and development of sustainable technologies with our cable and wire solutions.

What are the Benefits of Green Technology?

Green technology can deliver a host of benefits that help to preserve our natural environment. Some of these advantages include:

  • Lower emissions. Clean water and air are both natural resources that must be protected to preserve our planet’s delicate ecosystem. Green technology aids in the reduction of carbon emissions and keeps toxic chemicals out of air and water. Notably diminished emissions and waste facilitated by green technology help maintain clean air and water. 
  • Better product lifecycle management. By accounting for the full lifecycle of a product, designers can implement materials and design elements that keep waste out of landfills. Creating opportunities for recycling and reuse helps reduce the impact products have on the environment after their useful service life is over.
  • Energy conservation. Successful efforts to conserve energy through the use of green technologies powered by solar, hydroelectric, and wind over fossil fuels has given rise to the increased discovery and development of renewable energy sources that minimize destructive harvesting practices like coal mining and oil drilling. Renewable energy minimizes the impact on ecosystems and habitats, ultimately saving plants, marine life, and animals from endangerment and extinction.

Electric Vehicles

The automotive industry continues to focus resources on the development of electric vehicles capable of covering greater distances, with higher performance capabilities than their predecessors. The automotive sector requires wiring, wire harnesses, and electric charging stations that comply with high operating standards. Resilient cabling and high-performance charging stations allow electric vehicles to have greater performance, optimized safety, and increased durability.

High-quality wires, cables, and wire harnesses make optimized performance possible in sustainable automotive products of all types, including:

  • Battery electric vehicles
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Personal electric vehicles
  • Low-speed electric vehicles
  • Charging stations

EVE and EVJE cables with polyurethane jackets provide increased durability for 300- and 600-volt charging stations, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles. Polyurethane jackets can help EVE and EVJE cables obtain UL ratings and be coiled for use in coiled charging station cables.

Renewable Energy

Developing renewable energy sources for adoption on a large scale is a key component of green technology advancement. The main drivers of current day renewable energy include wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy.

Cables have an important place in renewable energy production and distribution. These cables must be able to withstand the harsh environments without unexpected failure. For example, cables used in solar power harvesting may need to withstand high temperatures and heat found in the desert, while hydroelectric cables may need to tolerate elevated humidity levels. As such, many of the cables found in these industries must be custom-designed to handle the specific operational risks of their intended application.

The following cable solutions are critical to renewable energy:

  • Umbilical cables for transporting energy from offshore wind turbines using submarine cable networks
  • Cables for monitoring and controlling turbines
  • Festoon cables with maximum flexibility for the constant movement of wind turbines
  • Photovoltaic cables for transporting solar energy from solar panel cells to inverters
  • Low-voltage cabling for transporting energy from hydroelectric plants while submerged in freshwater
  • Hydroelectric monitoring cables with polyurethane sheathing to protect from moisture and bacteria

Energy Storage

Energy storage is an important aspect of renewable energy. Most renewable energy sources aren’t steadily available. For instance, wind power requires the wind to be blowing to turn the blades on the windmill, and solar energy may only be gathered during the day. Renewable energy battery systems store energy at peak times to facilitate more even distribution when renewable energy sources cannot keep up with demand. These systems require specific connectors and cables to deliver reliable energy on demand.

Storage technology for renewable energy has improved significantly in recent years. Battery cables come in a variety of sizes and require a matching eyelet terminal connector. The cables come in different colors to simplify wiring organization. Split-core current transformers make it easy to install the transformer without breaking the circuit, and each has a different amperage rating to meet varying specifications.

Custom Applications of Overmolded Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

Many of the applications within the energy storage and renewable energy industries require custom assemblies and harnesses since the technology in these spaces can be new and highly complex. Custom harnesses are designed to customer-specific requirements–ensuring needs are met and not limited to standard product options. Custom application examples include: 

  • Specialized wire harnesses and cable assemblies designed to reliably meet the complex demands of solar panels
  • Custom cables designed to withstand the harsh outdoor requirements of wind turbines

Green Technology Cable & Wire Solutions

Green technology requires high-quality cables and wires to deliver superior performance and reliability. Our customers rely on the expertise of Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable to meet the cabling and wiring requirements of their green technology solutions.

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