Technical Info

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable provides a variety of documents with information regarding NEMA naming and wire configurations, and information about wire color coding and insulation, as well as other wire and cable specification information.


Solid & Stranded AWG Chart

AWG-specification information for all outside diameter & wire types, including solid, concentric, rope bunched & more.


NEMA Configurations
for Plugs & Receptacles

NEMA plug & receptacle configurations for voltage ranging from 125V to 600V, 15 to 60 amperes.


Color Coding Charts

View Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable’s color coding charts for various types of cable & wire products.

Wire Insulation Characteristics thumb

Wire Insulation Characteristics

A comparison of various types of wire insulation materials, including PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, rubber, Neoprene, TPR & PEP.


NEMA Number Nomenclature

View the NEMA number nomenclature for plugs & receptacles, as well as current ratings & voltages.


Cable Standards Reference Guide

View the Cable Standards Reference Guide for NEC catalog reference information and a cable substitution chart.


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