Overmolded Cable Assemblies

homethumb-molded-cablesConsolidated Electronic Wire and Cable offers cable assemblies in a wide variety of customized styles. Cable assemblies are designed to enhance operations and streamline systems in both commercial and consumer enterprises, and can be crafted via insert molding, overmolding, custom in-house tooling, or manual assembly.

The Advantages Of Molded Cable Assemblies

A cable’s failure point is often where the cable is cut and mated with a terminal. This is where the wires are exposed to the environment—and this exposure risks damage to the cable system, even in normal working conditions.

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molded-cable-assemblyWhat Is An Overmolded Cable Assembly?

Cable assemblies are critical to operations of all shapes and sizes: major military jobs and harsh environments, home electronics, medical systems and equipment, and automotive assemblies are just the beginning.

A overmolded cable assembly generally replaces an assembly that would otherwise rely on a backshell for protection and support. Available in nearly limitless shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations, overmolded cable assemblies are designed for extra protection against harsh conditions, demanding environments, abrasion, sterilization, and overall strain.

Learn To Prevent Terminal End Risks

Our new guide, The Advantages of Molded Cable Assemblies, reviews the terminal shell options available to the cable industry, and the pros and cons of each type.

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Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies

The process of molding utilizes molten PVC (polyvinyl chloride), as well as other high performance polymers, to encapsulate wiring materials and create endless products with a range of material, color, finish, and performance demands. These custom assemblies can be developed to fit specific junctions, encapsulate particular objects, and provide focused relief to stressors and system challenges.

In addition to insert and overmolding, custom cables and assemblies can be crafted with:

  • Wire crimping and braiding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Cut and shrink tubing
  • Tinning and soldering
  • Tywrapping and lacing
  • In-line engineering

Standardized Overmolded Cable Assemblies

A diverse variety of industries call for overmolded cable assemblies to meet rugged performance demands, complex technical specifications, watertight compatibility, and superior strength requirements. Some of the most common standardized overmolded cable assembly applications include:

  • Medical Cables
  • Automotive Cable Assemblies
  • RF Cable
  • Patch Cord Assemblies
  • USB Cables
  • Video Cable Assemblies
  • HDMI Cables
  • Medical Market Components and PCB Encapsulation
  • SCSI, SAS & SATA Custom Cables
  • Environmentally Resistant Military Connectors
  • D-Sub Cables and Ferrites
  • Patch Cords with Boots, Strain Relief, and Flex Relief

High Performance, Custom Tooling

The strategic custom development of overmolded cable assemblies offers more than unique designs and creative configurations; by implementing high performance materials and expertly engineered interconnects, an overmolded cable assembly improves reliability, aesthetics, and overall environmental performance. Adaptable to nearly any situation, even those demanding watertightness or sterilization compatibility, overmolded cable assemblies offer a host of choices in:

  • Branding, including private labeling
  • Conductor materials and gauges
  • Custom color selections
  • Hardness requirements
  • Unique insulation materials
  • Specific dimensions

Overmolded cable assemblies can be engineered both with particular specifications and industry standards in mind. When working to configure the best solution, it’s important to also bear in mind industry standards and approvals, including but not limited to:

  • IPC/WHMA-A-620
  • Automotive J-1128
  • ISO 9001
  • UL
  • QS 900
  • NEC
  • RoHS Compliance
  • VDE
  • CE
  • OSHA
  • CSA
  • Category 5/6/7
  • C-UL
  • Lead Free
  • HAR

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