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A Look At Our Wire and Cable Capabilities

The Return of Willy the Wire

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Our customer favorite Willy the Wire has returned in this exciting video to provide more insight into the inner workings of Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable. In this adventure, Willy takes us on an enlightening tour through our facility, where he provides fascinating insights into our custom capabilities. He also walks viewers through each step […]

retractile cord with custom grommet

Retractile Cords in the Medical Industry

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Remember the old curly telephone cords you’d wind around your fingers while chatting on the phone with your grandma? More commonly known as coil cords or curly cord, these retractile/retractable cords have many uses aside from old telephones. Many businesses — including those in the robotics, communications, military, energy, marine, electronics, food and beverage, and medical […]


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Intro to Shielded Cables

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In cables and wires, electromagnetic interference (EMI) can negatively affect the consistency and purity of signal transmissions, which, in turn, disrupts the performance of the devices and systems in which they are installed. For this reason, shielding is often integrated into cable and wire assemblies to protect them from EMI. It is important the shielding […]

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Cables for Cryptocurrency Applications

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Cryptocurrency refers to digital money that is based on blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is secured by cryptography and issued by decentralized networks, which make it hard to counterfeit and immune to government manipulation. Over the years, this type of currency has significantly risen in popularity, leading to more and more people […]


Stranded Wire vs. Solid Wire in Electrical Applications

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Solid and stranded wires see frequent use in electrical equipment, such as cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Solid wires consist of a solid core, whereas stranded wire consists of several thinner wires twisted into a bundle. Each has distinct advantages, with the right choice for an application depending on the specific project details. Some of […]


How Consolidated Powers Cities

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Without wire and cable, cities around the world would go dark and quiet. People would be unable to travel, do their jobs, or enjoy recreational activities. This is as true in Chicago as it is anywhere else, and Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is proud to help keep the city running. What Makes a City? […]

Global business logistics import export background and container cargo freight ship transport concept

Connecting the World with Cords: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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Wires and cables play a vital role in connecting people across the world. By bringing power to our devices, homes, businesses, and vehicles, they allow us to communicate easily over long distances and travel safely to see each other face to face. How Does Safe Travel Rely on Wires & Cables? Many industrial applications rely […]


Heat Shrink Tubing: What is It and How is It Used?

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Heat shrink tubing — also called electrical shrink tubing — is a critical protective and organizational product used in various electrical arrays. This blog post will answer the question: What is heat shrink tubing used for? In general, heat shrink tubing is a common element in most electrical setups that insulates electrical components from external […]

raw material cable and wire supply chain

The 5 Steps of the Wire & Cable Supply Chain Process

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Simplifying the supply chain and reducing the total cost of ownership can significantly improve the overall profitability of companies that utilize wires and cables. While accomplishing these goals can be challenging, an experienced and knowledgeable wire and cable partner can help you develop the perfect wire or cable solution for your project. However, you must […]

Guide to Specifying Wire Harnesses

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A wire harness is a common and effective tool for keeping multiple wires within a piece of equipment in order. On a more basic level, it’s the exterior covering, or sleeve, that encases and protects an inner conductor or bundle of conductors. Known for their straightforwardness, effectiveness, and low cost, these simple casings are designed […]

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