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Cable Assembly 101: What It Is, Types, & Applications

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Also known as wiring looms or cable harnesses, cable assemblies keep individual cables well organized to simplify their use, installation, and maintenance in electrical applications. Vital to electrical systems, machinery, and other electronic devices, numerous types of cable assemblies are available to fulfill varied needs, based on the unique requirements of your application. Learn more […]

How Are Cable Assemblies Overmolded?

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Overmolding adds strength and resilience to a cable assembly so that it can withstand more extreme environments than it otherwise could. The cable overmolding process combines and seals a cable with a connector, resulting in a unified part that adds protection to its internal components. Learn more about how cables are overmolded, the materials used […]

Cross-Reference Wire & Cable Guide

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If you have ever tried searching for replacement wires and cables or wanted to switch from one brand to another, It’s often difficult to find what you need to properly perform a cross-reference. Products you have been familiar with can also become outdated and cease to be manufactured. It then becomes a hassle to cross-reference […]

Cable Crimping

Guide to Crimp Quality in Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

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Crimping is among the most crucial steps when assembling wire harnesses or cable assemblies. The crimping process involves joining wires within the harness. Many steps of this process can be automated, such as stripping, cutting, and crimping terminals on either side of the wires. Whether manual or automated, proper wire crimping requires the appropriate tools […]

Wiring Harnesses

Where are Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies Used?

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Wherever there is a complex electrical system, there is likely also a wire harness or cable assembly. Sometimes called cable harnesses or wiring assemblies, these units serve to organize, consolidate, and protect electrical conductors. Since wire harnesses are custom designed for their application, they can dramatically improve a system’s efficiency. What is a Wiring Harness? […]

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A Look At Our Wire and Cable Capabilities

The Return of Willy the Wire

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Our customer favorite Willy the Wire has returned in this exciting video to provide more insight into the inner workings of Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable. In this adventure, Willy takes us on an enlightening tour through our facility, where he provides fascinating insights into our custom capabilities. He also walks viewers through each step […]

retractile cord with custom grommet

Retractile Cords in the Medical Industry

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Remember the old curly telephone cords you’d wind around your fingers while chatting on the phone with your grandma? More commonly known as coil cords or curly cord, these retractile/retractable cords have many uses aside from old telephones. Many businesses — including those in the robotics, communications, military, energy, marine, electronics, food and beverage, and medical […]


electronic wire in data center

Intro to Shielded Cables

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In cables and wires, electromagnetic interference (EMI) can negatively affect the consistency and purity of signal transmissions, which, in turn, disrupts the performance of the devices and systems in which they are installed. For this reason, shielding is often integrated into cable and wire assemblies to protect them from EMI. It is important the shielding […]

cryptocurrency equipment mining

Cables for Cryptocurrency Applications

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Cryptocurrency refers to digital money that is based on blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is secured by cryptography and issued by decentralized networks, which make it hard to counterfeit and immune to government manipulation. Over the years, this type of currency has significantly risen in popularity, leading to more and more people […]


Stranded Wire vs. Solid Wire in Electrical Applications

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Solid and stranded wires see frequent use in electrical equipment, such as cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Solid wires consist of a solid core, whereas stranded wire consists of several thinner wires twisted into a bundle. Each has distinct advantages, with the right choice for an application depending on the specific project details. Some of […]

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