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Power Cords

Choosing the Right Power Cord

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Power supply cords play a critical role in nearly every industry, including the electronics, telecommunications, appliance, hand tool, toy, industrial, and medical sectors, to name just a few. When selecting a power cable for your unique application, its intended use should always be top of mind. Other key considerations include end finishing, cord set put-up, […]

USB Types

The Ultimate Guide to USB Cables

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In 1994, Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel collaborated to develop the Universal Serial Bus (USB), a cable designed to standardize the connection between computers and peripheral devices such as keyboards, printers, network adapters, cameras, and storage equipment. USB was created to address usability issues [1], simplify software configurations, and permit greater data […]

hospital grade retractile cords

Our New Portfolios Showcase Our Custom Wire and Cable Capabilities

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Through nearly a century of business, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has served a multitude of industries and applications, which has provided us with the experience necessary to fully understand our customers and their electronic wire and cable needs. This understanding has significantly contributed to the design and construction of our custom cable solutions and has allowed us to manufacture the best […]

Your Ultimate Source for Retractile Cords

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Retractile cords are essential to countless applications and industries, so it is vital that your cord is high quality, flexible, adaptable, and offers maximum strength. At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, our breadth of experience and commitment to our customers ensures our products meet these exact characteristics. Our newest resource, The Retractile Cord Capabilities Guide, illustrates Consolidated […]

American Wire Gauge and Your Next Project

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Evaluating the needs of a particular project and familiarizing yourself with gauging systems and the qualities of particular gauges can help to ensure the right wire selection. American Wire Gauge (AWG) is the official United States standard method for measuring round, solid conductors. The measure, or gauge, denotes the cross-sectional areas of a wire and […]

Hardline Coaxial-Cable

Coax Cable FAQ Series: What is RG Cable?

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Coaxial cables are a classification of cables equipped with two conductors on a shared axis, one surrounding the other, separated by a dielectric insulator. The inner pieces of the cable are wrapped together with a metallic shield and synthetic outer jacket. Also known as coax cables, they are commonly used for high-frequency signal transmission in […]

REACH and Consolidated

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In 2006, the European Union passed regulation EC 1907/2006, the REACH Regulation. Beginning in 2007, the REACH regulation seeks to improve and protect human and environmental health from harmful chemicals. What is REACH? Laying out guidelines for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), provisions of the REACH Regulation are being gradually phased […]

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power cord jacket guide

Select the Best Power Cord Jacket for Your Needs

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What you need to know to ensure your final product is durable, reliable and operates both safely and efficiently. The jacket is a vital component of a power cord. It protects the power cord’s inner conductors from external factors, such as harsh temperatures or environmental conditions. The jacket also ensures a power cord’s electric current does not come […]

Happy Manufacturing Day 2015!

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October 2 marks the fourth annual celebration of Manufacturing Day. This year, nearly 1,000 manufacturers across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico will celebrate the event by opening their doors to the public for open houses, demonstrations, expositions, conferences, and other events. Manufacturing Day, often shortened to MFD DAY, was founded in 2012 […]

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