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Standing Out from the Rest

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Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, a mainstay of the cable and wire industry for 100 years. As an industry leader, customers have come to expect an informed partnership, derived from experience in every major market and business segment. Quality crafted products are designed to meet customer specifications as well as regulatory standards. The Consolidated experience […]

Consolidated Celebrates a Century of Excellence

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For 100 years, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable Corporation has been an industry leader in the wire and cable business. Since 1919, we’ve had the privilege to serve our diverse customer base with custom wire and cable solutions that keep their operations running seamlessly. Our loyal employees have built a tradition of service and integrity. […]

How Private Label Cables Can Benefit Your Business

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Private labeling involves the manufacturing of a product or item by one company for another, after which the second company sells the product under its name or brand. Many large corporations rely on private labeling if they don’t have an in-house manufacturer for a certain part or product. As a result, they can ensure that […]

Utilizing Supplier Warehouses for Inventory Control

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At some point in the distribution process, many of today’s most critical industrial parts and products end up in a warehouse, also referred to as a distribution center. These spaces are specifically designed for the safe, efficient storage and handling of products, parts, and materials. Rather than just stuffing goods away haphazardly, utilizing well-thought-out warehousing […]

Molded Cable Assembly

What Cable Do You Need for Your Application?

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With so many different types of cables on the market, it can be a challenge to find the perfect cable for your application.  With some knowledge of your application’s demands, however, you can quickly narrow down your options and find the ideal solution for you company. To simplify your search, we’ve covered some of the […]

Hardline Coaxial-Cable

When Is Cable Customization Necessary?

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In our digital age, nearly every device needs to be powered with some type of cable or wire. With such a diverse set of gadgets, appliances, and tools at our fingertips, however, it’s hardly surprising that there isn’t a single cord or cable for all of our electronic devices. That’s where custom cables can make […]

How to Source Cable Assemblies With Fewer Purchase Orders

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Custom-designed cable assemblies serve as critical components in many different applications, including commercial and home electronics, appliances, medical equipment, aerospace and military projects, telecommunications, automotive products, and industrial equipment. Designing cable assemblies to ensure optimal performance is a tough enough job on its own. Having to make multiple purchase orders throughout the process only adds […]

Power Cords

Choosing the Right Power Cord

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Power supply cords play a critical role in nearly every industry, including the electronics, telecommunications, appliance, hand tool, toy, industrial, and medical sectors, to name just a few. When selecting a power cable for your unique application, its intended use should always be top of mind. Other key considerations include end finishing, cord set put-up, […]

USB Types

The Ultimate Guide to USB Cables

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In 1994, Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel collaborated to develop the Universal Serial Bus (USB), a cable designed to standardize the connection between computers and peripheral devices such as keyboards, printers, network adapters, cameras, and storage equipment. USB was created to address usability issues [1], simplify software configurations, and permit greater data rates […]

hospital grade retractile cords

Our New Portfolios Showcase Our Custom Wire and Cable Capabilities

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Through nearly a century of business, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has served a multitude of industries and applications, which has provided us with the experience necessary to fully understand our customers and their electronic wire and cable needs. This understanding has significantly contributed to the design and construction of our custom cable solutions and has allowed us to manufacture the best […]

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