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During COVID-19, Consolidated Continues to Serve

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To our valued customers: It is not lost on us that we are amidst an unprecedented time in our country and we are all receiving a large volume of communications on a variety of topics.  For this reason, our message is brief. Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable remains fully operational, fulfilling all orders and service requests […]

How to Save Time, Money, and Space With Customization

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Wire and cable not only has deep roots in industry, but it remains indispensable for many applications today. Dependable wire and cable is vital for the manufacture of components used for signalization, electrical service, and computer networking, as well as essential cable and fiber-optic cable. There is a large number of standard wires and cables […]


What’s New in the Industry: Current Trends for Wire and Cable

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Products developed and distributed by the wire and cable manufacturing industry—such as nonferrous wire, telecom wire, and fiber optic cable—are essential to operations in a wide range of markets, including construction, consumer goods, telecommunications, and utilities. While these industries, among others, face growth in light of the Industry 4.0 technology revolution, so too does the […]

Cable and Wire Glossary

Breaking Down Technical Terminology

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Wire and cable applications and installations rely upon many different technical terms that may not be familiar to those outside the industry. This blog will define many of these terms to help readers develop a thorough understanding of terminology used in the wire and cable industry.

Wire & Cable Industry 101 eBook Cover

Wire & Cable Industry 101: Our eBook Breaks It Down

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Wire and cable manufacturing was an $18 billion industry in 2019. Driven by international trade, the market value has increased steadily over the last five years. A variety of industries, including consumer goods, construction, telecommunications, and utilities, depend upon these manufacturers for fiber-optic cable, electronic and telecom wire, and insulated nonferrous wire for use in computer networking, […]

Standing Out from the Rest

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Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, a mainstay of the cable and wire industry for 100 years. As an industry leader, customers have come to expect an informed partnership, derived from experience in every major market and business segment. Quality crafted products are designed to meet customer specifications as well as regulatory standards. The Consolidated experience […]

Consolidated Celebrates a Century of Excellence

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For 100 years, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable Corporation has been an industry leader in the wire and cable business. Since 1919, we’ve had the privilege to serve our diverse customer base with custom wire and cable solutions that keep their operations running seamlessly. Our loyal employees have built a tradition of service and integrity. […]

How Private Label Cables Can Benefit Your Business

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Private labeling involves the manufacturing of a product or item by one company for another, after which the second company sells the product under its name or brand. Many large corporations rely on private labeling if they don’t have an in-house manufacturer for a certain part or product. As a result, they can ensure that […]

Utilizing Supplier Warehouses for Inventory Control

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At some point in the distribution process, many of today’s most critical industrial parts and products end up in a warehouse, also referred to as a distribution center. These spaces are specifically designed for the safe, efficient storage and handling of products, parts, and materials. Rather than just stuffing goods away haphazardly, utilizing well-thought-out warehousing […]

Molded Cable Assembly

What Cable Do You Need for Your Application?

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With so many different types of cables on the market, it can be a challenge to find the perfect cable for your application.  With some knowledge of your application’s demands, however, you can quickly narrow down your options and find the ideal solution for you company. To simplify your search, we’ve covered some of the […]

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