How to Save Time, Money, and Space With Customization

Wire and cable not only has deep roots in industry, but it remains indispensable for many applications today. Dependable wire and cable is vital for the manufacture of components used for signalization, electrical service, and computer networking, as well as essential cable and fiber-optic cable.

There is a large number of standard wires and cables available for many applications. Still, sometimes these products are not enough to meet a customer’s specific requirements that call for the design and manufacture of a custom cable instead.

Regardless of a custom cable’s intended use, whether it is for industrial machinery, appliances, automation systems, computers, medical equipment, or other applications, it is crucial that they are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and are completed within specified turnaround times.

Many people may operate under the assumption that anything custom must be incredibly expensive and require lots of time and attention. However, with Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we will help save you time, money and space at your facility with your custom wire and cable project. Here’s how:


It can be a challenge to find the right components for a cable. Unlike our competitors, we provide flexibility for custom projects that conforms to our customer needs. We will work with you on the customization of the product, volume, price, and more to ensure you have the product exactly when you need it. There’s no extra time waiting for a cable house to ship with extended lead times at their convenience and in their quantity thresholds.

Custom cables are designed with your specific application in mind for these considerations:

  • Cable type
  • Temperature
  • Flexibility
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable’s “create your custom cable now” form quickly walks you through all the information needed to create a cable that best suits your application. Our expert team will meet the demands of your particular environment and application and will help you outline the basics of these essential implements, so you can find the perfect wiring or cable.


Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has the reputation of a large company with small company values. We offer the same bulk quantity discounting as the big companies because of our clout in the industry. This will reduce costs on your end while still allowing you to have a product that best fits your application and performs better than any standard option available. With us, you’ll save money without sacrificing quality and receive the same level of personalized attention to your project you’d receive from a small company.


We have the ability to hold inventory for our customers, saving you physical space, as well as money since you don’t need to worry about paying for inventory costs. It also saves you time; when you need a new product, you won’t have to worry about getting new batches manufactured all over again. Instead, we will have a fresh stock available immediately for you, so you can stay on top of your own timelines.

Custom Wire & Cable Solutions From Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable

Since 1919, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has been the one-stop shop for standard and custom wire, cable, cord set wire harnesses, and molded cable assembly. We offer smarter inventory control with warehousing and an extensive breadth of capabilities. Whether you are looking for 1,000 feet of cable or 100 feet of wire harnesses, we will easily design and manufacture a custom product for your specific application.


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