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Retractile Cords in the Medical Industry

retractile cord with custom grommetRemember the old curly telephone cords you’d wind around your fingers while chatting on the phone with your grandma? More commonly known as coil cords or curly cord, these retractile/retractable cords have many uses aside from old telephones.

Many businesses — including those in the robotics, communications, military, energy, marine, electronics, food and beverage, and medical industries –– actually use curly cord in the equipment they operate every day. The medical industry, in particular, makes frequent use of retractile cords.

If you’re looking for retractable cords for your business, download our Retractile Cord Capabilities Guide.

The Benefits of Retractile Cords for the Medical Sector

In the medical sector, it’s imperative to utilize space wisely while properly maintaining critical equipment; machines and devices must be high-performing and reliable to protect practitioner and patient safety.

Medical equipment must also meet strict industry standards that help ensure optimal hygiene, safety, and efficacy; many devices, for instance, must undergo routine sterilization procedures. Therefore, to maximize safety, medical cables used in this equipment must be lightweight, durable, and resistant to twisting and knotting.

Some equipment may also require cords that come in a range of sizes and lengths to meet specific application needs. In an industry with such strict standards, customized retractable cords can provide an ideal solution for specific cable needs.

The unique design of curly cords is especially useful for saving space. Being able to extend in length multiple times before easily returning to their original shape, these cords are highly versatile and take up little room when not in use.

This ability to expand and condense in size not only conserves space but also helps users maintain a tidier work area, eliminating the clutter of long cords and wires. Plus, the unique design helps eliminate the safety issues posed by tangled cords.

Since these cords automatically retract, they help save time during critical medical procedures; no time is wasted putting wires away or wrapping up the cord. Retractable cords give users greater mobility than traditional options, allowing doctors and nurses to multitask without being constrained to a small area.

Common Medical Applications for Retractile Cords

At Consolidated Electronic Wire and Cable, we’re proud to provide custom retractable coils and cords for a number of applications in the medical industry. Common applications include defibrillators, X-ray and scanning equipment, and finger pulse oximeters, among many other types of equipment.

Our expert team works closely with clients across the medical industry to develop customized solutions that fit their unique needs. For example, a medical equipment provider recently approached us looking for a shielded, six-conductor, high-gloss polyurethane retractile cord.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we were able to deliver a high-gloss cord that measured only 23 inches in length when retracted. The customer was extremely pleased with the final product and ordered a run of 10,000 parts. We were also able to provide a very short turnaround, completing the entire project in just three to four weeks.

In another previous job, a customer came to us looking for custom-made manufactured retractile cords for hospital carts. The customer found that too many of their current cords ended hanging down, blocking equipment and making it hard for staff to access necessary machines and devices.

With these specific needs in mind, we used a service junior thermoplastic to create a super-elastic cord that could withhold its shape 100 times better than most cords currently available.

In addition to offering better shape retention, these cords were also more durable — better able to resist marks, scratches, and liquids — while remaining highly compact, measuring just 1 inch in length when retracted and only 5 inches when extended. We have since manufactured these hospital-grade coil cords in volumes ranging from 50 to 100,000 pieces, usually with just a three-to-four-week turnaround.

Learn More

At Consolidated, we’re proud to offer custom solutions for retractable cords used throughout the medical industry. Not only do we maintain a full inventory of coil cords in stock, we also manufacture made-to-order cords to meet unique requirements and specifications.

We provide our customers with a variety of options, including the number of conductors available, both shielded and unshielded cables, varying lengths, and an array of colors and coatings.

To learn more about our retractable cord options or to discuss how Consolidated Electronic can help your company develop a customized cord solution, request a quote, contact us, or read more on Your Ultimate Source For Retractile Cords here.

Cables for Cryptocurrency Applications

Cryptocurrency refers to digital money that is based on blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is secured by cryptography and issued by decentralized networks, which make it hard to counterfeit and immune to government manipulation. Over the years, this type of currency has significantly risen in popularity, leading to more and more people getting involved in its mining. 

Given the increasingly high number of computer calculations needed to mine cryptocurrency, the mining process generally necessitates the use of high-speed data processing centers. Cables and wires play an essential role in the operations of these facilities.

The Role of Cables in Data Processing Centers

A key component of data processing centers is cable systems. These systems make up and connect the networks that allow transmissions, such as cryptocurrency transactions, to be made. 

The rise in cryptocurrency mining has created many new challenges for data processing centers. Since miners often need to go through millions of combinations to discover cryptocurrency, they require high-speed systems that have the power to perform the necessary calculations. As a result, data processing centers must develop and adopt new technologies, such as better cabling systems, to meet these increasing demands. 

Types of Cables in Use 

cryptocurrency equipment mining

The design of cable systems can be structured or unstructured depending on the needs of the data processing center. Structured cabling designs are based on predefined standards that dictate the connection points and pathways, while unstructured cabling designs have connection points and pathways that are not based on predefined standards. 

The cabling itself can also vary. Two of the most commonly used are copper cables and fiberoptic cables. The former is used for its low cost and power usage and high transfer rate and reliability, while the latter is used for its smaller footprint and greater transmission coverage. 

Data processing centers used for cryptocurrency mining require cable systems that are reliable and flexible. The cables must be able to transmit data at high rates consistently. Otherwise, the entire network can go down, potentially costing the facility a significant amount of time and money. Other features that may be critical to a data processing center include portability, grounding ability, and stability. 

Types of cable systems used in data processing centers include: 

  • Cable assemblies. Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables that are enclosed within durable outer sheaths. The sheath protects the wires and cables from extreme environmental conditions that could damage them. 
  • Wire harnesses. Wire harnesses are wires or cables or a collection of wires and cables that are enclosed within lightweight sheaths. While the sheath provides some protection to the wires and cables, it is primarily used to keep them organized. As such, these cable systems are best used in indoor environments where exposure to harsh conditions is not likely.
  • Power cords. Power cords are designed to transmit power from the source to connected equipment. 

Custom Cable Solutions From Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable

Need cables and wires for your cryptocurrency mining operations? Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is here to help. We’ve provided high-quality custom cable and wire solutions for over a century, which gives us the knowledge and skills to meet virtually any wire and cable need. To learn more about our custom cable and wire solutions, browse our Custom Cable Guide or contact us today.

How Consolidated Powers Cities

Without wire and cable, cities around the world would go dark and quiet. People would be unable to travel, do their jobs, or enjoy recreational activities. This is as true in Chicago as it is anywhere else, and Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is proud to help keep the city running.

What Makes a City?

Custom wire harnesses and a variety of other wire and cable solutions power entire cities. Without them, we wouldn’t have the light and electricity that get us through the day in so many ways. Cities depend on wire and cable for the following systems:

  • City Power Grid. Wire and cable keep the power flowing for overhead and underground power lines, commercial and residential HVAC systems, electricity and lighting, and alternative and renewable energy sources.
  • Public Transportation. The L connects more than 140 stations in Chicago and the suburbs, but wire and cable on this and other public transportation systems do more than get you from Point A to Point B. Advertising and informational displays (both in the vehicle and in the stations), seat-back televisions, navigation and PA systems, and lighting all rely on wires, as do the doors and engines on many buses, shuttles, and trains. Thanks to the wires that power the pay terminals, you can purchase tickets faster and more efficiently.
  • Chicago Navy Pier. As one of Chicago’s top attractions, a variety of wires and cables are required to keep the shops, restaurants, hotels, rides, and pier lighting up and running. Without wire, there wouldn’t be as much here for visitors to enjoy. When an area attraction runs smoothly and allows for a positive experience, it brings visitors to town, which helps the local economy.

Custom Power Solutions


Consolidated’s extensive capabilities allow us to create custom wire and cable solutions to power cities large and small. Solutions that are designed to meet a specific need last longer and perform better than a standard solution that can’t accommodate your unique situation.

Our custom cables can be designed according to your required operating temperature, flexibility, electrical properties, industry standards, and more. Our product offerings include:

  • Cable and Wire Harnesses. With a variety of materials, cable and wire harness customization options are nearly endless for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, medical, construction, industrial, and more.
  • Custom Power Cords and Retractile Cords. Our custom power cords and retractile cords can be customized by length, voltage capabilities, and plug configurations to suit your quality and safety standards.
  • Custom Cables. Choose your conductor, insulation, shielding, jacketing, and filler to create the perfect cable for your application.

Cable & Wire Solutions from Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable

After more than 100 years serving Chicago, Consolidated understands how important wire and cable are to this city. We were founded here in 1919, and we’ve grown right along with Chicago. In the beginning, we provided wire and radio accessories for the electronic distribution industry and supported the war effort with wire and cable for military communication. We then grew to meet the increasing demand for home appliances and entertainment and evolved into the OEM marketplace.

Today, as a customer-driven company, we specialize in custom wire and cable solutions for the agriculture, automotive, green technology, medical, factory automation, telecommunications, military, and lighting industries. Contact us today to learn more about how Consolidated powers cities around the world or to get started on your next project.

Cable & Wire for a Vast Array of Medical Applications

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is a leading medical cable manufacturer that provides custom engineered and manufactured wires and cables for an extensive range of medical applications. With more than 100 years of experience, we have established a thorough understanding of the particularly rigorous standards and regulations that apply to the medical industry. Our experts can provide quality wiring solutions tailored to meet your particular needs, and our facility is designed to create cable and wiring products that meet and exceed even the most stringent industry standards.

Medical Cable & Wire Applications

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we offer the highest quality wiring and cable on the market. Our medical cable products can be found in a variety of medical applications, from diagnostic equipment to laboratories and lighting systems.

Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

man in front of illuminated MRI scansMedical diagnostic and imaging equipment requires high-performance, reliable wiring and connections to transfer information accurately and securely. Common diagnostic and imaging systems include MRIs, PET and CT scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays. This type of equipment is critical for the diagnosis and treatment of patient injuries and illness.

Laboratory Equipment

Medical laboratory equipment requires medical cables and wires to ensure the accurate measurement, analysis, and monitoring of patient health. It is used to help medical professionals examine bodily fluids for signs of disease or infection. Lab equipment also includes life support equipment such as dialysis machines, cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), ventilators, and anesthetic dispensers. It can further be used to measure and track patient vitals using EEG and ECG measurements.

Treatment Units and Operation Tables

Medical cable and wire is critical for use in treatment equipment such as surgical lasers, LASIK equipment, and medical infusion pumps. Operation tables must be equipped with reliable wire and cable arrays to ensure appropriate positioning of the patient during sensitive procedures. 

Surgical Lights

hospital surgical lamp lightIn addition to accurate table orientation, surgeons must have extremely bright lighting to operate safely. This requires extremely reliable and durable wire and cable assemblies that can withstand high power levels and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Surgical Robots

As automation becomes more common in medical practice, robot-assisted surgery is helping medical care practitioners provide quick, efficient, and accurate surgical procedures. Surgical robots are highly complex and require the ability to move smoothly and quickly with a high degree of precision. A surgical robotics system will require data cables to receive and transmit instructions, as well as sensor cables to transmit critical information to the operating system in real time. These cables must be highly flexible and able to withstand bending and turning motions common in surgical robotics functions.

Electronically Adjustable Hospital Beds

Adjustable hospital beds with electronic controls make it easier for patients to enter and exit the bed comfortably and safely, and provide an easy means of adjustment for comfort. Not only does this allow patients more freedom of movement, it helps healthcare practitioners move patients with a significantly lower risk of injury due to falls. Cables in electronically adjustable hospital beds must be flexible and able to operate when bent by the bed’s movement.

Hospital Lighting Units

Hospitals require highly adjustable and specialized lighting for different applications. Lights over workstations must be bright enough for healthcare professionals to read charts, while room lighting must be adjustable. Bright light is necessary for nurses and doctors to read patient charts, insert IVs and deliver injections, but the lights should be able to dim for the comfort of the patient. Medical cables are available with a broad range of designs and fixtures to ensure optimal operation for all healthcare applications.

PA and Communication Systems for Staff

Reliable communication is crucial in a healthcare environment. From requesting emergency care to communicating patient needs, healthcare professionals must be in contact almost constantly over the course of the workday. Medical cables and wiring arrays help hospitals and other medical facilities establish clear overhead PA systems for code calls, emergency requests, and paging, as well as small communication devices that can be used for direct interpersonal contact. 

Contact Us for Medical Cables & Wires

For more than 100 years, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has been a proud provider of quality custom solutions for wire and cable arrays for the medical industry. We offer an extensive selection of conductive wire materials of varying lengths in both shielded and unshielded designs, with coatings and color options to suit the specific requirements of your medical applications. 

Contact our experts to learn more about our medical cables and discuss your customization options. 


Shopping for Wire & Cable With an Expert

There are lots of different cables available on the market, each suited to a specific range of applications. Finding the right one for your particular needs can be overwhelming. Understanding the specific aspects that should influence your purchasing decision can help to narrow your focus and determine the appropriate cable for your needs.

Important factors to consider include:

  • Cable use
  • Environment
  • Temperature
  • Flexibility
  • Standards
  • Specs/drawings
  • Budget

Knowing the particulars of your application needs in these seven areas can help you communicate effectively with a cable and wiring expert.

Information You Need

When you call or email a cable and wiring expert to find the best product for your project, having specific information at the ready will expedite the process. Before you call or start shopping, gather any requirements you have for the following areas:

Cable Use

Cables have between one and 100 different connectors depending on their intended purpose. If you know how the cable will be used in the future, your service provider can better determine which combinations and gauges to include, as well as what materials to use.


The environment in which the cable will handle its primary functions is one of the most important factors. The metal composition of the wire has to be able to withstand the environment, or else it will lose long-term effectiveness. For example, if you expect the cable to have a lot of outdoor usages, your service provider may recommend tinned copper wire, which can resist corrosion and oxidation. If your new cable will be used in hot environments, silver-plated copper is a better choice. Having this information from the outset ensures you get the cable you need faster.

Beyond just the choice of metal material, different cables have varying layers of exterior protection. The non-metal tubing that protects the wires or wire groups—called the jacketing—plays an important role in keeping the environment away from the wires. For weather-resistant cables, carbon blank may be combined with PVC, semi-rigid PVC, or PE jacketing. If the area is home to a lot of extreme weather, the jacketing might have polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, or polyurethane layers instead.


Insulation gives wires the ability to withstand greater temperature extremes in both indoor and outdoor applications. With the right materials, manufacturers can insulate wires to keep them safe for use in environments with a temperature as low as -65° C or as high as 250° C. Insulation can also protect against non-temperature factors such as moisture and air pressure. All cables, regardless of application, must be insulated against atmospheric conditions.


Wires that are moved frequently throughout the day need a great deal of flexibility so they don’t break or wear through. You can request cabling in these three different flexibility designations: normal, flexible, and robotic-flexible. The wiring itself plays a role in flexibility by either using thick, solid strand wires with low gauges (which would be very rigid) or multiple thinner strands (which are more flexible).

Different jackets can impede or allow overall flexibility. Polyurethane is an excellent jacketing choice because it provides both strength and flexibility. If cables should be completely rigid instead, manufacturers can make them from solid conductors.


Every cable should also meet the applicable industry and safety standards. Some standards you should take note of include:

  • ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization)
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • CE Mark
  • NEC (National Electrical Code)
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
  • CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability)
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies
  • LF (Lead Free)
  • Mil-Spec (Military Specifications & Standards)


Manufacturers can meet specific needs if they’re given detailed drawings. If you need to recreate a previously existing cable or have a cable rebuilt to meet more exacting standards, your wire and cabling manufacturing company can let you know about their capabilities and if they can perform the task before the project begins. They need as much detailed information as possible to make that determination. They can also address previously existing deficiencies in older cables.


Knowing your budget before placing an order or consulting with a cable manufacturing expert can help them find the right materials and processes. They can make sure you get the best possible performance within your budget.

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable Solutions

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is a leading manufacturing company in the wiring and cabling industry and we have been developing custom cables for over 100 years. Call us today for expert assistance in finding the right materials, jacketing, and design considerations for your project.

Standing Out from the Rest

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, a mainstay of the cable and wire industry for 100 years. As an industry leader, customers have come to expect an informed partnership, derived from experience in every major market and business segment. Quality crafted products are designed to meet customer specifications as well as regulatory standards. The Consolidated experience is one of bringing ideas together, melting an environment of adaptability and innovation with the customer in the driver’s seat!

Quality Customization Services From an Expert Provider

At Consolidated, we are committed to manufacturing and delivering quality wire and cable solutions. We offer a variety of services to ensure customers receive product solutions tailored to unique project requirements. Our primary customization services include:

  • Dyeing: Dyeing each wire and cable in a distinct color facilitates identification even after installation within a piece of equipment or system.
  • Striping: Similar to dyeing, striping allows for easier identification. Rather than adding a single solid color, the process adds spiral or parallel stripes across the length of the jacket of a wire or cable.
  • Labeling and jacket printing: These services provide customers with a unique branding opportunity, promoting the business by adding custom text or printing directly on the jacket.
  • Packaging: Our design and engineering experts can create custom packaging for a custom assembly. This service also enables customers to advertise as well as reduce time to market.
  • Consolidated shipping: Consolidated shipping offers customers a more cost-effective shipping option by combining multiple products into a single shipping container. This service ensures greater space utilization, reduces waste and the number of individual packages shipped.

Why Us?

Valued business partners have allowed us to serve our communities for a century given our relentless focus on:

Unparalleled Customer Service

We have proudly served a diverse portfolio of markets and industries across the globe with superior products and services. By calling in, customers reach one of our live representatives, a local professional who has direct access to their account details. Regardless of the requirements of the cable application or size of the order, each member of our expert team is dedicated to ensuring every customer finds cable and wire products exactly suited to their needs.

Big Company Reputation With a Small Company Values Feel

Our reputation as a trusted wire and cable company has been earned through consistency. We are able to leverage economies of scale purchasing, large-scale production capacities, and bulk inventory capabilities to offer significant savings to customers. At the same time, as our team understands the importance of strong customer relationships, they handle each account personally and on a case-by-case basis. Together, these qualities ensure that customers get the high-quality products and cost savings expected of a large company with the intimacy and level of service typically characteristic of a small business.

Significant Cost Savings

Save time, save space, save money. We have the availability of a distributor and the flexibility of a manufacturer—as we hold product inventory and offer customization services—which allow us to tailor our solutions to what our customers need and have them available when needed most.

Broad Inventory

Enjoy a one-stop shopping experience–sizes, lengths, applications.  Bulk wire and cable or wire harness assembled to meet targeted demand. We keep high-turn items on hand, available when you need it. Need a year’s worth of a custom product? We can build it, we can stock it.

High-Quality Products

As an ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified company, we work hard to ensure that our products meet each customer’s unique requirements and all applicable regulatory standards. To ensure adherence to these specifications, we subject every aspect of an operation to rigorous inspection, testing, verification and continual improvement based on changing customer and industry demands. Additionally, we comply with RoHS requirements by checking all raw materials utilized before, during, and after every manufacturing operation.

Convenient Distribution Center

Our modern, large-scale distribution center is minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, which enables us to ship products quickly and efficiently!

Choose Consolidated for All Cable and Wire Needs

Consolidated supplies customers the highest quality cable and wire solutions with expert service, customized solutions, and transparent pricing. By committing ourselves to excellence, dependability, and innovation, we have become an active and lasting leader in the wire and cable industry. For more information about our products and services, contact us today.  We are looking forward to serving you!

Choosing the Right Power Cord

Power supply cords play a critical role in nearly every industry, including the electronics, telecommunications, appliance, hand tool, toy, industrial, and medical sectors, to name just a few.

When selecting a power cable for your unique application, its intended use should always be top of mind. Other key considerations include end finishing, cord set put-up, insulation material, conduction material, wire gauge, voltage, temperature range, cord shielding, and finishing requirements. Carefully assessing these specific needs will help ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Your Ultimate Source for Retractile Cords

Retractile-Cord-ConWireRetractile cords are essential to countless applications and industries, so it is vital that your cord is high quality, flexible, adaptable, and offers maximum strength. At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, our breadth of experience and commitment to our customers ensures our products meet these exact characteristics.

Our newest resource, The Retractile Cord Capabilities Guide, illustrates Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable’s scope of capabilities and experience across a diverse range of industries and applications.

Retractile Cords: Experience and Solutions

Our Retractile Cord Capabilities Guide highlights a few of our successes with distinctly challenging retractile cord projects, such as:

  • Ethernet cords with strain relief for the telecommunications industry: Our custom over molding provided strain relief that significantly outperformed standard manufacturers’ models.
  • Custom TPE retractile cords for municipality vehicles: For this project, our customer needed a model that could protect the cord against the elements; we designed a version using thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) finishing to provide excellent stability at a lower cost than polyurethane.
  • Custom hospital-grade retractile cords for medical carts: To fulfill our customer’s need for a new type of hospital-grade cord, we developed a distinct model using Service Junior Thermoplastic (SJT) for maximum elasticity and resilience.
  • Shielded retractile cords for the medical industry: Utilizing our extensive experience in coatings, we created a shielded, high gloss polyurethane cord for a customer in the medical field.
  • And many others.


To download The Retractile Cord Capabilities Guide, please click here or select the button below.

Download the eBook Now

We hope our new eBook showcases our ability to successfully develop high-quality retractile cord solutions, regardless of the industry or application.

A Century of Experience

Through more than 95 years of business, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has maintained its position as a client-focused and customer-driven company. We are a one-stop-shop for custom and standard wire and cable solutions, and we offer competitive pricing and unmatched quality.

Download our Retractile Cord Capabilities Guide today to learn more about our work and how our team can develop the best solution for your needs. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can assist you with your next project, please contact Consolidated today. We look forward to working with you.

Select the Best Power Cord Jacket for Your Needs

What you need to know to ensure your final product is durable, reliable and operates both safely and efficiently.

Power CordsThe jacket is a vital component of a power cord. It protects the power cord’s inner conductors from external factors, such as harsh temperatures or environmental conditions. The jacket also ensures a power cord’s electric current does not come in contact with users—and also keeps the current separate from other electrical conductors, like metal surfaces.

A power cord jacket plays a crucial role in the durability, reliability, safety and efficiency of the product. So, when designing a power cord, it is important to select the right jacket type for your application.

In order to choose the best power cord jacket material for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Voltage: Determine the amount of voltage the cord will experience. At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we offer power cords rated to 300 V and 600 V. Power cords rated to 300 V are typically used for light-duty, commercial applications, while cords rated to 600 V are suited for industrial, heavy-duty applications.
  • Environment: Where a power cord will be used will help to determine the best jacket type.A power cord being used outside or in an application where it will be exposed to caustic chemicals will require a more protective jacket material versus a cord simply being used in a dry, indoor environment.
  • Temperature: Temperature of the environment in which your product will be used is another important consideration. The type of power cord jacket to be used in an application must take into consideration the range in temperature it will experience. Extreme cold can cause a power cord jacket to crack while extreme heat can cause expansion, loosening, bubbling, or even melting.
  • Flexibility: Power cords that will experience a lot of movement and frequently transported will require a flexible jacket to avoid cracks or breaks in the insulation.

CaptureThere are a number of other areas to consider when choosing the best jacket type for your power cord. To learn more about selecting the right jacket material for your needs, simply click here or select the button below to download our new eBook, Power Cords Volume 1: Jackets.

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Explore Consolidated’s Informative Technical Resources

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we are committed to providing our customers with the resources they need to make an informed decision. On our website, we offer a variety of technical documents with information regarding NEMA configurations, color coding and insulation tips, and other wire and cable specific information.

  • Solid & Stranded AWG Chart: AWG-specification information for all outside diameter & wire types, including solid, concentric, rope bunched & more.PrintedCableJacketPortfolio-retouched
  • NEMA Configurations for Plugs & Receptacles: NEMA plug & receptacle configurations for voltage ranging from 125V to 600V, 15 to 60 amperes.
  • Color Coding Charts: Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable’s color coding charts for various types of cable & wire products.
  • Wire Insulation Characteristics: A comparison of various types of wire insulation materials, including PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, rubber, Neoprene, TPR & PEP.
  • NEMA Number Nomenclature: View the NEMA number nomenclature for plugs & receptacles, as well as current ratings & voltages.
  • Cable Standards Reference Guide: View the Cable Standards Reference Guide for NEC catalog reference information and a cable substitution chart.

We encourage you to visit the Technical Info area of our website to view these documents. We hope they prove to be of some use to you and that you find the information you are looking for.

View Our Technical Info Documents

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