How Consolidated Powers Cities

Without wire and cable, cities around the world would go dark and quiet. People would be unable to travel, do their jobs, or enjoy recreational activities. This is as true in Chicago as it is anywhere else, and Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is proud to help keep the city running.

What Makes a City?

Custom wire harnesses and a variety of other wire and cable solutions power entire cities. Without them, we wouldn’t have the light and electricity that get us through the day in so many ways. Cities depend on wire and cable for the following systems:

  • City Power Grid. Wire and cable keep the power flowing for overhead and underground power lines, commercial and residential HVAC systems, electricity and lighting, and alternative and renewable energy sources.
  • Public Transportation. The L connects more than 140 stations in Chicago and the suburbs, but wire and cable on this and other public transportation systems do more than get you from Point A to Point B. Advertising and informational displays (both in the vehicle and in the stations), seat-back televisions, navigation and PA systems, and lighting all rely on wires, as do the doors and engines on many buses, shuttles, and trains. Thanks to the wires that power the pay terminals, you can purchase tickets faster and more efficiently.
  • Chicago Navy Pier. As one of Chicago’s top attractions, a variety of wires and cables are required to keep the shops, restaurants, hotels, rides, and pier lighting up and running. Without wire, there wouldn’t be as much here for visitors to enjoy. When an area attraction runs smoothly and allows for a positive experience, it brings visitors to town, which helps the local economy.

Custom Power Solutions


Consolidated’s extensive capabilities allow us to create custom wire and cable solutions to power cities large and small. Solutions that are designed to meet a specific need last longer and perform better than a standard solution that can’t accommodate your unique situation.

Our custom cables can be designed according to your required operating temperature, flexibility, electrical properties, industry standards, and more. Our product offerings include:

  • Cable and Wire Harnesses. With a variety of materials, cable and wire harness customization options are nearly endless for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, medical, construction, industrial, and more.
  • Custom Power Cords and Retractile Cords. Our custom power cords and retractile cords can be customized by length, voltage capabilities, and plug configurations to suit your quality and safety standards.
  • Custom Cables. Choose your conductor, insulation, shielding, jacketing, and filler to create the perfect cable for your application.

Cable & Wire Solutions from Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable

After more than 100 years serving Chicago, Consolidated understands how important wire and cable are to this city. We were founded here in 1919, and we’ve grown right along with Chicago. In the beginning, we provided wire and radio accessories for the electronic distribution industry and supported the war effort with wire and cable for military communication. We then grew to meet the increasing demand for home appliances and entertainment and evolved into the OEM marketplace.

Today, as a customer-driven company, we specialize in custom wire and cable solutions for the agriculture, automotive, green technology, medical, factory automation, telecommunications, military, and lighting industries. Contact us today to learn more about how Consolidated powers cities around the world or to get started on your next project.

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