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Electronic wire and cable are available in a huge range of styles to meet specific application needs, with various combinations of stranding, insulation materials, conductor counts, and jacket materials.

Computer/Data Grade Cable, Coaxial, Triaxial, LMR®, MATV, and CCTV cable, plenum, security/fire-protection, and speaker cables are all popular types of cables available, used across many different industrial and commercial applications.

Some of the most common cable and wire types are listed below.

Electronic Cable and Wire Products

  • Custom electronic wire and cable — Built-to-order products are precisely designed to meet the exact requirements of a specific application. A number of cost-effective cables are available. Customers can choose from multi-conductor, multi-pair, coaxial, audio, computer, network, instrumentation, power and portable cable types. There are also a variety of conductors, insulation, coatings, and shielding materials available.
  • Data-grade cable — This cable is engineered to allow for high electronic data processing speeds.
  • General line wire and cable — Used throughout a variety of industries, these high-quality general line wire and cable products find applications in lamp cords, antenna cables, control cables, and high-voltage apparatuses.
  • Multi-conductor cable — This is designed for use in a number of communications applications, such as public address systems, remote control circuits, actuator controls, audio and sound systems, and data transmission.

Other popular wire and cable types include:

  • Computer/Data grade and LAN cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Triaxial cable
  • LMR® cable
  • MATV and CCTV cable
  • Multi-conductor and multi-pair cable (shielded and unshielded)
  • Process control cable
  • Plenum cable
  • Security and fire alarm cable
  • Hook up wire
  • Music and Guitar cable
  • Flat, tubular, and oval tinned copper braid
  • Resistance wire
  • Bus bar wire
  • Speaker wire

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cable

A coaxial cable’s radio guide (RG) number doesn’t always tell the whole story; there are a number of other factors to consider when selecting a cable for your unique application.

  • Application — How will you be using your cable? Certain types are designated for specific applications, such as signal transmission for military operations, while others are designed for general use. Consider if your application will require short- or long-range transmission, as well as high or low frequencies.
  • Impedance — Impedance refers to an electrical circuit’s resistance to alternating currents, expressed in ohms. Impedance should match throughout all components of a coaxial cable system to help prevent echoes, signal attenuation, and ghosting television images.
  • Environment — Cables installed underground should pass through waterproof pipes to protect the jackets from liquid and vapor permeation. Users can also employ waterproof cords with self-amalgamating tape. To provide relief from sunlight and corrosive vapors, some manufacturers make use of hardened polyethylene cables, as well as tin and silver coatings.
  • Working voltage and power rating — A coaxial cable’s voltage travels through the center wire or conductor. Each cable has a calculated maximum or “peak” voltage, which is then slightly reduced as a safety precaution.
  • Signal loss at specific frequencies — Coaxial cable lines can be susceptible to signal loss at very high frequencies (VHF) and ultra-high (UHF) frequencies. Some manufacturers provide a foil or braided shield for VHF and UHF interference protection.

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