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At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we offer a complete line of standard and custom electronic cables, wires, power supply cords, wire harnesses, and molded cable assemblies.
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Power cords supply power to electronic devices and appliances, including dryers, computers, medical devices, and more. They must have a voltage rating and wire gauge appropriate for the regional electrical standards and power needs of their intended application. Understanding what power cords are, the various types, their requirements, key components, and uses will help you find a solution that will deliver long-lasting performance.

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What Are Power Cords?

Also called power supply cords, power cords are a portable piece of hardware used to transfer AC and DC power. They are available in various lengths and supply electricity from a power source to electrical devices and appliances. A power cord is typically employed when a device or appliance does not include an attached power cord, such as a computer monitor, dryer, or electric range. One end of the power cord has a molded plug to connect to an electrical outlet, while the other end features bare wires or a socket that can be attached to the device.

Types of Power Cords

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we offer several power cord options for use in North America and internationally. North American power cords typically follow these specifications:

  • NEMA Power Cords: National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is an ANSI accredited standard for the configuration of electrical receptacles, cord voltage capacities, and plug types in North America. NEMA types A and B are both prevalent in North America. Type A plugs rely on two blades or prongs while type B comes with a grounding rod.

Consolidated Electronic’s selection of North American power cords includes:

International power cords include:

  • Europe: CEE 7/7 (Type E, Type F)
    • CEE 7/7 is a prevalent power cord throughout European countries and sets the standard for European plugs. It is also common in countries where CENELEC standards apply.
  • IEC 60320 power cord: Several countries around the world rely on IEC 60320, an international standard. The 320 is the number of specifications for the power connector to be within compliance. Power cords made to IEC 60320 standards come in various voltages, currents, and temperatures, ranging from C1 to C24.
    • IEC 60320 C13: The C13 power cord model can run computers, monitors, amplifiers, printers, and fixed configuration switches. Their international rating is 10 amperes, 250 volts, and 70 °C.
    • IEC 60320 C15: The C15 cord can connect to C14 inlets and withstand operation with high-temperature devices, such as electric kettles, computer closets, and server rooms.

The international power cords we carry include:

Power Cord Requirements

Power cords do not have consistent global standards, so manufacturers need to understand their clients’ specific regional requirements and applications. Electronics and appliances in North America, Central America, South America, Japan, and other countries use 100-130V/50-60Hz. Other nations generally use 220-240V/50Hz. There are also regions and countries within these categories that use other voltages and frequencies.

Key Components of Power Cords

Power cords consist of several components: a plug, the cord, and a strain relief device. The strain relief device secures the cord to the enclosure in the equipment. It reduces the chance that the cord will detach from the termination point due to motion, flexure, vibration, or tension. Strain reliefs in combination with safety springs and bus drop support grips are vital to supporting the cord as part of a complete strain relief system.

Applications for Power Cords

Power cords are ideal for dry, temperature-controlled indoor environments. Special consideration is required to deliver a product for other applications. Power cords used in partially enclosed or high-activity applications will require more rugged construction. While plugs are usually straight, right-angle power cord plugs may be necessary to prevent excessive wear on the cable when used in small spaces.

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we deliver custom power cords for critical applications and demanding industries, including:

  • Hand tools
  • Household appliances
  • Medical devices
  • Telecommunications
  • Drilling and milling sites

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Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable offers a wide selection of power supply and retractile cords to fulfill the needs of various electronic applications. We carry a large stock of standard cables and can create custom solutions for specific requirements, such as hospital-grade power cords and shielded power cord wires. We can help you select the ideal power cord cables to give you long-term reliable performance.

We specialize in high-quality custom power supply and retractile cords to meet the demands of a wide range of clients. Our selection of products includes foil shield, braided shield, unshielded, SVO, SOOW, and SJOOW power cords. We have an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system to deliver exceptional product quality and customer service. Contact us for more information, or request a quote for your power cords today.


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