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Challenges and Solutions to Serving the Electronic Needs of a Global Marketplace

Rapid Growth of Electronics Consumerism

There are now more electrical devices and electronics being used throughout the world than most people could have possibly imagined just a decade ago. There are countless types of devices, and beyond that, millions of users in virtually every part of the world. People who only recently gained access to telephones now own smart phones and laptops.

No Global Standard

power cordsThis is a good thing for both consumers and electronics manufacturers—but it also presents a challenge. Each one of these devices requires a power cord, and every country has its own specific voltage frequencies, standards, plug patters, etc. There is no one uniform standard throughout the world, which can be quite overwhelming for the average OEM, especially in trying to stay competitive and serve the needs of a growing global market.

Did you know, for instance, that while North America, Central America and parts of South America operate at frequencies different from the rest of the world, there are various subsets of regions with even more varying frequencies?

Did you also know that there are over a dozen different plug patterns, widely varying safety standards, and many regional certification and approval bodies?

With such a tremendous array of specifications and requirements, manufacturers often get confused and overwhelmed; you can’t be expected to know all of these varying factors.

A New Central Document

Power Cord Standards Across the GlobeWith this in mind, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has taken our extensive knowledge and expertise—and our 100 years of business—and created an informative, easy-to-read eBook entitled Power Cord Standards Across the Globe.

In this eBook, you’ll find an array of information, including:

  • A chart of plug and cord standards for every country
  • A visual guide to plug patterns for every region/country
  • Explanations of the certification mark organizations, varying by country/region
  • A detailed list of the regional and international regulating bodies

Additionally, you’ll learn why working with a supplier of standard and custom power and retractile cords, with expertise in the specifications of every country, will greatly ease the challenges that come from serving a global market.

We’re pleased to offer this highly useful eBook, free to our customers; simply click here to download your free copy today.

Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product

Nothing is worse than having a wire or cable fail on your commercial or industrial project. Not only can it mean downtime and costly repairs, but it can also ruin your reputation.  At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we know how difficult it can be to choose the exact wire for your unique applications.

Choosing-A-WireCable-Manufacturer-thumbThat is why we created a free eBook for our customers.  It is titled:  Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product. This eBook is written to help you make the right wire and cable choice. This downloadable eBook, which is available on our website, covers a wide range of topics, each of which make picking the precise wire or cable easier and more cost-efficient.

Let’s take a closer look at our new eBook, section by section.


In this section, our experts lay out the three main capabilities you should demand of your wire and cable provider which include:

  • A reliable manufacturer makes a wide range of products, and allows for customized or completely unique products.
  • A second capability that’s non-negotiable is flexible manufacturing capacity. Your wire & cable provider should be able to produce prototype runs as well as large volume orders.
  • The last capability that is important to inquiry about is the availability of comprehensive engineering services. In-house engineering support services are a must for any project, even if custom wire & cable isn’t required.


After capabilities, cost is the next crucial zone to consider when choosing a wire and cable provider. Our eBook takes you through the hidden charges you should keep an eye out for as well as tips on how to save time and money.


No matter how affordable something is, if the quality is low, it could jeopardize your overall project or application. Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product teaches you how to properly judge quality.

These tips include, checking what industrial, precision, and operational standards your manufacturer is certified in, and how to investigate the extent your supplier goes into inspecting raw materials and finished products.

Single Point Supplier

The final section deals with why you should try to find a wire and cable manufacturer that offers one-stop shopping. You need a supplier that has the manufacturing capabilities which can grow with you.

Everyone at Consolidated Wire believes that if you follow the advice laid out in Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product, you will never be stuck with subpar wire and cable again.

To download a free copy of Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product, please visit the eBook page and simply fill in the quick form. If you want to learn how Consolidated Wire can fulfill all of these demands for your next wire or cable project, please contact us directly today.


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