Important Discussion Points When Designing a Custom Cable Assembly

Custom-designed cable assemblies are an integral component of countless applications, including commercial and home electronics, appliances, medical equipment, aerospace, military, telecommunications, automotive, industrial equipment and more.

custom-cable-assembly-v2Designing a cable assembly can be difficult and challenging. Thankfully, a custom cable manufacturer can walk you through the process. However, be sure to address the items below with your manufacturer to ensure the final product meets your precise needs and exact application requirements:

  • Provide the manufacturer with full-scale drawings in a format that is well-recognized within the industry. If your drawing was created using unfamiliar software, the manufacturer may not be able to access the file and time will be wasted—which puts pertinent conversations about manufacturing and pricing on hold.
  • Schedule a design consultation with your manufacturer. They will have design experts on staff who can meet with you to ensure the job requirements are realistic and that your part can be successfully developed. For instance, discussing material options can be greatly beneficial, as design experts may know of a better, more suitable material for your part and application. Additionally, the right assistance can significantly reduce costs without affecting quality or performance.
  • Was your cable assembly designed and manufactured previously? Were you dissatisfied with the quality, timing or cost? If so, it is important that you communicate this to your wire and cable manufacturer. Understanding why the part or prior manufacturing process was deficient will make it easier to address and correct these matters.

Creating a custom cable assembly can be a challenging process, so don’t hesitate to ask a cable manufacturer for assistance. Through nearly a hundred years of service, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has obtained extensive engineering expertise in custom cable assemblies for a wide range of applications.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced manufacturing processes and staff of engineers and technicians, ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of products and services. You can learn more about our custom cable assembly capabilities here.


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