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No matter the industry or application, customers today face a tremendous number of available choices of manufacturers. Every product and service presents an almost limitless amount of options, as well as the vendors who offer these goods.

homethumb-electrical-wireThe sheer variety can overwhelm procurement managers, OEMs, and other customers. These companies need to be able to easily see what sets a manufacturer apart, why their products and services are beneficial, and why they are a company with whom a customer should partner.

Selecting a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product

Companies throughout industries rely on wire and cable for a diverse range of projects like electrical service, computer networking, signalization, and security. Each of these applications imposes demands on a manufacturer to be accommodating and dependable, and provide cost-effective wire and cable solutions.

Choosing the right manufacturer and supplier who can offer you an ideal combination of reliability, quality, and affordability requires awareness of a number of factors.

Choosing-A-WireCable-Manufacturer-thumbConsolidated Electronic Wire & Cable’s eBook, Choosing a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for Your Product, offers some important considerations for choosing a reliable wire and cable manufacturer. These include:

  • Capabilities – Begin by examining a manufacturer’s capabilities. If they create a diverse range of wire and cable products, allowing for customization of a number of unique applications, that company is more likely to provide a reliable product.
  • Cost – A reliable wire and cable manufacturer will be able to offer competitive prices, especially on custom and bulk orders.
  • Quality – Make sure that a manufacturer has the proper certifications, like ISO 9001 and QS-9000, which denote attention to detail and quality control throughout the company.

Choosing Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable as Your Partner

Bringing-Ideas-Together-thumbWith over almost a century of experience fabricating and manufacturing custom wire and cable solutions for numerous industries, Consolidated knows exactly what it takes to make a great partner. Our electronic wire and cable, power supply cords, cable assemblies and other products are ideal for use in industries ranging from aerospace, agricultural, and utilities to gaming, broadcast, and home entertainment.

For a detailed look into how Consolidated fits all the requirements of a great partner and manufacturer, we encourage you to explore our company guide, Bringing Ideas Together. Inside, you will find a full list of our capabilities and how we can deliver the unique custom solution for your requirements.

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