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The Advantages of Molded Cable Assemblies

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Cabling is one of those components that people don’t often give much thought to, right? Need to power up something? Grab a cable, plug it in and go!

But, what if that cable poses risks to which you are unaware? Could the construction of that cabling system cause a weakness in the wiring?

molded-cable-assemblies-coverThe answers to these questions can be found in our new eBook, The Advantages of Molded Cable Assemblies. In this new resource, we provide you with information on how the protection of the terminal shells is an overlooked area that can be the difference between strong and weak cable assemblies.

Cable assemblies are highly engineered products made up of wiring, insulation, jacket, and terminals. As cable production and insulation has progressed over the years the safety of the wiring has improved tremendously. Intact cabling poses little risk of failure. The failures occur when the cables are cut and mated with a terminal. Choosing the right terminal end assembly is extremely important for all cable applications.

Terminal End and Cable Connectors

Let’s look more closely at terminal end options and the progression of cable connectors through the years. Realizing early on that joining exposed wires together was unsafe, the idea of a cable connector was born. Originally made out of porcelain or Bakelite, they were difficult to manufacture and expensive to replace.

Metal and plastic connectors prompted the replacement of these original multi-piece assemblies, and they became the standard until advancements in plastics and rubber forming led to molded cable connectors. These are the most commonly used connectors in today’s consumer electronics and appliances.
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Because there are many options available for connecting spliced cables together, you need to have the most comprehensive information to understand how important it is to choose the right connector. In this eBook you will find explanations of:

  • Terminal shell options
  • Non-molded components
  • Molded cable assemblies

At Consolidated, we want you to be safe and your products protected. Choosing the right cable connector is vital for all of today’s complex cable systems. With almost 100 years of delivering power through cabling, we want to pass on our extensive experience and knowledge to you.

Visit our site today to download your free copy of The Advantages of Molded Cable Assemblies, and learn how Consolidated can provide you with the molded cable assembly needed for your project.

Learn the Advantages of Molded Cable Assemblies

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