Connecting the World with Cords: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Wires and cables play a vital role in connecting people across the world. By bringing power to our devices, homes, businesses, and vehicles, they allow us to communicate easily over long distances and travel safely to see each other face to face.

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How Does Safe Travel Rely on Wires & Cables?

Many industrial applications rely on some form of travel. For example:

  • Automobiles are used to travel by road from one location to the next for both business and pleasure purposes.
  • Boats are utilized to bring tourists to different vacation destinations and transport cargo between manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities by water.
  • Planes are employed to transfer tourists and cargo between destinations by air.
  • Trains are used to move passengers and goods to different stops along a railway line.
  • Trucks are utilized to pick up and drop off materials and equipment from one location to the next by road.

Each of these modes of transportation depends on wires and cables in some way, requiring a dependable manufacturer to provide them with the perfect cables and wires for each application..

In automobiles and trucks, wires and cables are essential to the function and performance of various electrical and electronic systems, including, but not limited to, dashboard controls and radio systems. Additionally, they are key components of communication and global positioning system (GPS) networks, which are important for safely conveying important information between users and navigating the roads to and from different destinations.

Compared to non-electric cars and trucks, electric vehicles rely even more heavily on wires and cables. In addition to the standard electrical and electronic vehicle elements, the components are found throughout battery systems and charging ports.

In boats, wires and cables are also critical to the function and operation of communication and GPS devices. These devices ensure boat operators can safely navigate the waters without fear of getting lost or traveling into unsafe weather or water conditions. Passenger boats, such as cruise ships and ferries, may also need wires and cables for entertainment devices, such as radios and televisions, to provide recreational activities to passengers. Cargo boats may use wires and cables for electronic inventory tracking systems to streamline loading and unloading operations.

In planes, wires and cables are also needed for communication and navigation systems. Additionally, they are integrated into devices for booking flights, checking in, and transferring luggage and cargo.

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In trains, wires and cables are found in the systems used to book seats, communicate with passengers and personnel, track departures and arrivals, and prevent collision between trains. Both passenger and cargo trains may also have additional electronic systems designed for specific purposes, such as cargo manifests, passenger lists, staffing schedules, etc.

Making Safe Travel Possible at Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable

At Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, our wire and cable products help make safe travel possible. From cables and wires for communication devices to custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies for automobiles to power cords for check-in kiosks, we provide solutions that support the devices and equipment needed for travel. Contact us today to learn more about our product solutions and their role in different transportation modes and applications.

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