Custom Designed Audio Cable Assembly for Telecommunication Client

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable collaborated with a customer’s engineering team to design and develop a product that fulfilled their requirements for a high-definition audio/video pullout cable assembly.

TelecommunicationClientPortfolio-retouchedFeaturing HD-XLR, RCA and custom-molded DB connectors Consolidated designed a stronger, better designed, and less expensive assembly than our competitor.

To meet the client’s performance requirements, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable engineered strength mechanisms into the complex cable assembly so that it could be pulled by the cord without losing a connector. Given the demands that would be placed on the product, we used an extra durable, high-quality jacket insulation suitable for high-end telecommunications.

homethumb-molded-cablesThe customized cable wire assembly, which has an outside diameter of .333”, has 7 unshielded coaxial conductors and 19 shielded coaxial conductors. It meets tolerances of +/-10%, withstands temperatures of -40oC to 80oC and has a 300-volt rating.

We performed cable performance and conductivity tests and worked within an 8 week lead time to deliver 2,000 units a month to our customer.

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