Custom Manufactured Watertight Marine Power Cords

If your marine applications require a waterproof power cord, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has the specific expertise and experience needed to provide an effective and viable solution.

MarinePowerCordPortfolio-retouchedA large US based provider of marine products contacted Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable about their need for a completely watertight 120-Volt, 16 Amp, 60 Hz power cord with 16 /3 SJTW cordage.

To ensure the cord to be waterproof, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable injected a Water Block Compound inside the cordage and over the connectors during the cable extrusion and molding processes. The cords were then thoroughly tested underwater with a pressure gauge to ensure watertight durability.

The client requested each cord to have waterproof labels and to be hank and tied. Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable also bar-coded each carton with proprietary information supplied by the customer. The completed order was delivered the customer within nine weeks.

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