Custom Manufactured Watertight Marine Power Cords

If your marine applications require a waterproof power cord, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has the specific expertise and experience needed to provide an effective and viable solution.

MarinePowerCordPortfolio-retouchedA large US based provider of marine products contacted Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable about their need for a completely watertight 120-Volt, 16 Amp, 60 Hz power cord with 16 /3 SJTW cordage.

To ensure the cord to be waterproof, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable injected a Water Block Compound inside the cordage and over the connectors during the cable extrusion and molding processes. The cords were then thoroughly tested underwater with a pressure gauge to ensure watertight durability.

The client requested each cord to have waterproof labels and to be hank and tied. Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable also bar-coded each carton with proprietary information supplied by the customer. The completed order was delivered the customer within nine weeks.

Custom Marine Waterproof Power Cord Project Details

Product Description

Custom power cords are used in a marine application environment.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable offered the concept of injecting a Water Block Compound into the cordage and around the connectors during the manufacturing process.
Cable extrusion and molding with Water Block Compound used during the cord set manufacturing process.

  • Cord #1: 24' cord Hank and Tie Each cord and Package in cartons of 20 pieces

  • Cord #2: 8' cord Hank and Tie Each cord and
  • Package in cartons of 50 pieces
  • Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

    MODEL 30-150 Cable Extrusion machine and Custom Molding equipment.

    Overall Part Dimensions

    Power Cord #1:
    Length: 24'

    Power Cord #2:
    16 AWG
    Length: 8'

    Tightest Tolerances

    +/- .010"

    Material Used

    Wire: 16/3 AWG SJTW with Water Block Compound
    Insulation: PVC
    Jacket: PVC

    Plug Type

    End 1: NEMA 5-15P Style with Water Block Compound added during molding of the plug

    End 2: Insulation removed 4-¾", Insulation stripped ¾". Connectors crimped with Water Block Compound.


    3 Conductors 16 AWG
    SJTW modified cordage
    Water Block Compound inserted around the conductors and connectors
    Waterproof Labels attached
    Voltage: 120 Volt
    Amperage: 16 Amp
    Frequency: 60 Hz

    Industry for Use


    Lead Time

    9 -11 Weeks ARO


    Cord #1: 3,000 Cords
    Cord #2: 5,000 Cords

    Delivery Location

    Norfolk, VA

    Standards Met

    Customer Supplied Specifications

    Product Name

    Custom Marine Waterproof Power Cords