Custom Power Supply Cords

MarinePowerCordPortfolio-retouchedTo meet the unique needs of various industries, a wide range of custom power supply cord configurations and styles are available. The electronics, telecommunications, appliance, hand tool, toy, industrial, and medical sectors make frequent use of tailored cable and wire to ensure ultimate reliability and performance in unique or demanding applications.

We offer custom solutions for virtually every industry and application. Our products meet strict North American and international industry standards and are available in American, European and Asian wire types.

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Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has nearly a century of experience providing high-quality custom power supply cords to customers across the globe. In addition to power cords and retractile wires, we also specialize in electronic wire and cable, cable and wiring harnesses, and overmolded cable assemblies. With state-of-the-art facilities and a deep commitment to Total Quality Management (TQM), our customers can rest assured that they’ll receive a reliable, top-of-the-line solution that meets all of their exact needs.

To learn more about our custom power supply cord capabilities and view our offerings, check out our comprehensive product catalog.

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