Retractile Cord with Custom Grommet

A customer in the medical field recently came to us requesting a custom retractile cord with a 9 Pin D Sub Connector.

With our years of experience creating medical-grade cords, Consolidated was a perfect fit to take on the contract.

conwire 10.13.15 047

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Our technicians developed the cord to meet all of the stringent standards required for manufacturing in the medical industry. It was custom tooled, manufactured, and 100% color matched to meet our customer’s specifications.

Its specially designed grommet was over molded with a polyurethane jacket and featured an external and an internal end for a custom fit. The completed cord measured 12” retracted and 35” extended.

To ensure the highest quality, every cord was 100% electrically and spark tested to relevant UL standards. Our team manufactured a total of 5,000 custom retractile cords for delivery to our customer’s locations in Illinois and China—all within a production turnaround lead time of just 3-4 weeks.


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