Hospital Grade Retractile Cords

Custom cables for the medical industry require an advanced degree of quality and workmanship; at Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable, we specialize in cords that fulfill the most stringent standards.

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A medical industry client recently contacted our team requesting custom manufactured, retractile cords for hospital carts. Many existing cords used in hospital carts hang down and obstruct medical devices, limiting equipment functionality. To address this challenge, our team designed a new type of cord with superior elasticity that keeps its shape 100 times better than standard cords on the market.

The key to developing these enhanced cords was incorporating Service Junior Thermoplastic (SJT) in the design. This type of jacket is rated at 300 volts, and its SJT construction gives it outstanding resilience. Not only did these cords keep their shape, but they were more resistant to nicks, scrapes, and fluids than other cord options. Once completed, these cords measured 1’ retracted and 5’ extended.

In addition to their resiliency, our custom cords are fully hospital-grade, signified by their green dot markings; this indicates that they have met a complete range of stringent requirements, such as UL 498 and UL 60601.

We now manufacture these distinctive cords in volumes ranging from 50 to 100,000 with a production lead time of 3-4 weeks.


To learn more about our incredibly elastic, hospital-grade retractile cords, or to speak with a member of our team about how we can design a custom cable solution for your latest project, contact us directly.

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