Custom Retractable Cord

Our team at Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable works extensively with the communications industry, including a recent project developing custom manufacturing retractile cords with custom DIN connectors.

conwire 10.13.15 063

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This project required precision over molding to fulfill our customer’s specifications. After custom tooling the over mold, we manufactured the DIN connector with strain relief (S/R) using polypropylene as a base material. Because our capabilities allow us to offer strain relief for any design or application, our experts were able to fulfill all of our customer’s requirements to the exact detail.

Once completed, the cord measured 12” retracted and 60” extended. Each cord received full spark and electrical testing for the female DIN connector plug in and spark testing.

We now manufacture thousands of these particular cords for our client, with turnaround times averaging 3-4 weeks after tooling approval—including delivery to our customer’s location on the West Coast.

Though many of our customers request bulk orders, we can also produce as small of an order as a few hundred cables or wires for custom tooling projects.


For additional information regarding our custom cord capabilities, or to learn more about how our team can create a custom wire or cable solution for your latest project, please contact Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable today.

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