Custom Manufactured Thermoplastic Integral Parallel Cord

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable manufactured a thermoplastic integral parallel cord for use with sound equipment.

IntegralParallelCordPortfolio-retouchedThe integral parallel cord, which is made of 18 AWG bare copper wires with an extruded PVC thermoplastic jacket, withstands temperatures from -40oC to 105oC and has a 300-volt rating.

A green (SR-PVC) ground wire was extruded between the black conductors to provide a flexible zip cord. One of the black conductors had a white stripe for polarity.

We built the cord to meet a tolerance of ±.005″ and tested the cord for conductor continuity and AC/DC HV requirements.

In addition, we ensured the cord complied with UL Standard 62 Type SPT-2, CSA FT-2, RoHS and VW-1 standards. We produced 20,000 feet of the integral parallel cord and delivered it to customer within a four-week time period.

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