Custom Printed Cable Jacket

A customer specializing in audio sensor monitoring equipment required a proprietary cable with their name and part number printed on the cable jacket.

PrintedCableJacketPortfolio-retouchedIn addition, the customer needed put-ups of 5,000’ in 1,000’ continuous lengths. The cable wire required an outside diameter of .267” with four shielded conductors twisted into two pairs. The cable needed to have a 300 volt rating to withstand temperatures of -40ᵒC to 80ᵒC and comply with UL, CSA and RoHS standards.

Consolidated ensured it met tolerances of +/- .010” and we also performed the required conductivity tests. We produced and shipped the first 25,000’ lot, within a three week lead time.

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Custom Cable Jacket Printing Project Details

Product Description

Request for a two 2 x 20 gauge individually shielded paired cables with special jacket printing and specific length requirements.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Custom Cable Jacket Printing
Continuous Length Reels

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

MODEL 30-150 Cable Extrusion Machine
Videojet Ink Jet Printer

Overall Part Dimensions

Wire Diameter: .Nom. O.D. .267" (6.8mm)
Conductors: 4 Shielded conductors twisted into 2 pairs
20 AWG (10 x 30) Tinned Copper Wire
Annealed Tinned Copper Wire
Insulation: .010"(2.54mm) Wall Thickness
Polyester / Aluminum Foil Shield with a 22 AWG tinned copper drain wire in each pair
PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) .032" (.813mm ) wall thickness, Gray Jacket

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

20 AWG (10 x 30) Tinned Copper wire conductor
.010" PVC Insulation
Polyester / Aluminum Foil shielded
22 (7 x 30) Tinned Copper drain wire
Gray PVC jacket

In process testing performed

Conductivity testing


Withstands Temperatures from -40ᵒC to 80ᵒC and the 300 Volt Rating.
A custom printed jacket showing the Customer's name and part number.
Required put ups of 5000' foot reels in 1000' continuous multiples.
Twenty percent of the order can be less that 5000 foot reels but still must be in 1000 foot multiples.

Industry for Use

Audio sensor monitoring, interconnect cable.

Lead Time

10 Weeks to ship the cable


The customer is buying 25,000 feet per order.

Delivery Location

Used in equipment across the USA

Standards Met


Product Name

Custom Printed Cable