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For more than 100 years, Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has served customers in virtually every market with innovative cable and wire solutions. As a quality cable assemblies manufacturer, we utilize our experience in cable assembly design, interconnect assembly, in-house tooling, insert molding, overmolding, and more to produce standard and custom products that meet the specifications of clients in the industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors.

We design our high-performance custom cable assemblies to simplify systems and enhance your operations, reliably transmitting power and data between connected components. Learn more about how we manufacture our cable assemblies, the benefits of these assemblies and partnering with Consolidated, and some of our successful electronic cable assembly projects.

Understanding the Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing Process

The custom cable manufacturing process consists of four main stages:

1. Design:

In the design phase, designers and engineers work closely with customers to outline their needs and constraints. These requirements and restrictions are used to create and digitally test potential designs.

2. Prototyping:

In the prototyping phase, physical models of potential cable assembly designs are created. These units are used to test for functionality and manufacturability, ensuring they can be made and used as intended.

3. Production and assembly:

In the production and assembly phase, the cable assemblies are manufactured as per the approved final design in the desired volumes. The manufacturing process consists of many steps, including cutting the conductors, establishing their connections, and assembling them into a single wrapped jacket.

4. Testing:

In the testing phase, the completed assemblies undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform safely and effectively. The exact tests depend on industry and application requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies?

Compared to standard cable assemblies, custom cable assemblies benefit users in many ways, including:

  • Accuracy: Custom cable assemblies are manufactured to the client’s exact specifications. As a result, they fit the application better than standard cable assembly units.
  • Materials: The materials used for shield, insulation, and jacketing determine how a cable assembly performs in a given environment. Custom cable assembly allows users to choose the materials that best suit their unique needs.
  • Flexibility: Nearly every feature of a custom cable assembly can be tailored to the application, so clients can choose elements that streamline its use.
  • Performance: In a custom cable assembly, every design decision is made with a specific application in mind, so the final product will operate and perform as intended.
  • Quality control: Testing is an integral part of the custom cable assembly process. The final product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with application- and industry-specific requirements, so you can be confident that your assembly will hold up within your application.
  • Cost and time savings: Cable assemblies are not one-size-fits-all, but it can be costly and time-consuming to force a standard assembly to suit your needs. Clients who attempt to do so often waste time modifying cable lengths and connector ends. These expenses can be eliminated by choosing custom solutions from the beginning.

Consolidated Custom Cable Assembly Capabilities

At Consolidated, here's how we set ourselves apart from other cable assembly manufacturers:

Customizable wire harness solutions for nearly any application

Customization options: Whether you require residential, commercial, or industrial cable assemblies, we have the resources to customize your cable solution and meet your application's exact requirements.

Wide range of component and material options

Turnkey solutions: At Consolidated, it's our goal to be a one-stop shop. We provide end-to-end solutions ranging from assembly design to final testing.

Expert design and engineering services

High-performance designs: Backed by over a century of experience in the industry, Consolidated delivers reliable, quality designs that comply with your unique specifications.


Quality engineering: Through careful engineering, the Consolidated team produces cable assemblies that are easy for you to install, maintain, and replace, as needed.

Faster assembly speeds and reduced costs

Turn time and cost reductions: We prioritize efficiency in our processes. In this way, we're able to offer you fast turnaround times and reduced costs.


Bulk purchasing: Regardless of the complexity or type of project, Consolidated can offer you bulk purchasing options.

Our Cable Manufacturing & Assembly Solutions

  • Molding and overmolding
  • Wire crimping and braiding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Cut and shrink tubing
  • Tinning and soldering
  • In-line engineering

Testing & Quality Assurance

The Consolidated team will tailor our comprehensive testing processes to address the requirements of your specific project and industry. We also monitor quality during design and production, employing a stringent quality assurance process to help ensure that your custom cable assembly is of the highest quality and will function reliably in your application.

Our Certifications

Our wide range of certifications stands as a testament to our quality and reputation. Those certifications include:

ISO 9001
CE Mark
CSA Group

Why Work With Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable?

Consolidate has been delivering reliable solutions for over 100 years. We are a one-stop shop for custom and standard electronic wire, cables, wire harnesses, molded cable assemblies, and power supply cords.

100+ Years of Experience
100+ Years of Experience
Smarter Inventory Control with Warehousing
Smarter Inventory Control with Warehousing
Large Breadth of Capabilities - A one-stop shop
Large Breadth of Capabilities - A one-stop shop

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Choosing custom cable assemblies rather than an off-the-shelf option allows you to optimize your assembly’s design and performance for your exact requirements, all while reducing turnaround times and expenses. Whether you need a cable assembly for medical diagnostic devices, factory automation systems, or anything in between, the expert team at Consolidated is here to help.

As a custom cable assembly manufacturer since 1919, Consolidated aims to be your single-source manufacturing partner for all your electronic cable and wire needs. Our extensive product line covers everything from custom cables and molded cable assemblies to wires and wiring harnesses. We’ll help you select the ideal cable and wire solution to meet your unique specifications and fulfill the needs of your application.

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