Shielded Retractile Cords for the Medical Industry

When a company in the medical industry needs custom-manufactured components, they can turn to only the best fabricators—like Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable.

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We lead the industry in constructing custom retractile cords that not only exceed our customers’ exact specifications, but also meet the industry’s toughest standards.

Recently, a medical equipment company contacted us to manufacture a shielded, six conductor, high gloss polyurethane retractile cord. With our cutting-edge equipment and years of experience in the field, we were a perfect match for the project.

We work with coatings of all types, and completed our customer’s high-gloss cords while meeting their specifications to the exact detail. Once finished, the cord measured 23” in a retracted state. Every cord we produced was thoroughly spark and electrical tested prior to delivery.

Impressed with our results, the customer ordered a total of 10,000 of these cords to be delivered to their Minnesota location; the project was completed in its entirety within a 3-4 week production timeframe.

Shielded Retractile Cords for the Medical Industry
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Shielded Retractile Cords Project Details

Project Name & Description

6 conductor, high gloss Polyurethane with a shield retractile cord.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cable manufacturing – inner conductors, individual copper strands (1/4” dia copper rod drawn, then cabled/twisted), coated/extruded. Place on reel, twist, extrude, cut to length, coil to i.d. specs, strip jacket, strip wires to expose bare copper to mold connector on end. Custom over molding, strain relief (alleviates tension at end of cable to ensure coated cords do not pull out of connector end).

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Extruder, Unwinder, Injection Mold Machine, Automated Winder, Cord Curler/Rewinder

Overall Part Dimensions

23” Retracted

Material Used

Copper Wire, Polypropylene Coating

Material Finish

Black Polyurethane

Industry for Use

Medical Equipment

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

100% Electrically Tested, Spark Tests



Delivery/Turnaround Time

3-4 weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met

2D CAD drawing


For more information about this shielded retractile cord project, or to request a quote on your own custom fabrication job, please contact Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable today.