Custom Wire Harness for the Pump Manufacturing Industry

A customer in the pump manufacturing industry approached Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable in need of a custom wire harness.


This harness was to be used in four different production pumps to turn on flow sensors within the pumps. We reviewed the client’s drawing and specifications then modified the wire harness assembly specifications based on our mutual assessment. We manufactured the assemblies using the Artos CR-11 automated processing machine.

The stainless steel mounting plate of the wire harness had an 18 gauge thickness and measured 87mm long and 43.43mm wide. The 18 AWG SJT power cord length was 2,500mm long and had a voltage rating of 125 Volts AC. We used UL 1015 style wire for the assembly lead wires. Other product components included a snap switch, circuit breaker, and terminals.

We worked within a tolerance of ±.10mm on the mounting plate and we performed a series of extremely thorough tests before delivering the harness to the client. These tests included insulation resistance, heat resistance, migration, and more.

Once assured that the Consolidated custom cable wire harness was up to our standard we shipped it to the customer. Our customer was extremely satisfied with Consolidated’s service and the finished product.

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Custom Wire Harness Project Details

Product Description

This custom manufactured wire harness is used within 4 different production pumps to turn on flow sensors.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Client Provided Drawings and Specifications that Were Obsolete

  • Updated the Wire Harness Assembly Specification

  • Manufacturing

    Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

    Artos CR-11 automated equipment used

    Overall Part Dimensions

    Mounting Plate:
    Thickness: 18 Gauge
    Length: 87.00mm
    Width: 43.43mm

    Power Cord:
    18 AWG 3 Conductor SJT
    Voltage: 125V AC
    Length: 2500mm

    Tightest Tolerances

    Plate: ±.10mm

    Material Used

    Plate: Stainless Steel
    Cordage: 18/3 SJT
    Wire: 18 (41 x 34) Tinned Copper UL 1015

    In Process Testing Performed

    Insulation Resistance
    Dielectric Strength
    Aging Test
    Flame Test
    Heat Resistance
    Migration Test
    Strain Relief
    Abrupt Pull Test
    Blade Security
    Bending Test


    Mounting Plate
    Power Cord
    Snap Switch
    Circuit Breaker

    Industry for Use

    OEM Pump Manufacturing

    Lead Time

    10 Weeks

    Delivery Location

    Ship to Northern Wisconsin

    Standards Met

    Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

    Product Name

    Custom Pump Wire Harness