Custom Cable for Medical Cart

For generations, our experts at Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable have been custom manufacturing cords, including those utilized in medical applications.

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While a well designed and carefully manufactured cable can increase efficiency and clarity in a variety of fields, this is especially important in the medical industry, where every second is critical. Our team recently assisted a client with a custom project for a multi-functional coiled cable for use on nurses’ computer carts. These carts, which house equipment for taking vital signs and assessing patient status, are rolled throughout a medical facility and taken directly into patients’ rooms.

For this project, we manufactured custom coiled cables that held multiple cables on both sides of the cart, with each set of cables connected to the other by an over mold. This allowed data, USB, and two power cables to be all transmitted within a single housing.

The cables, made with ¼ diameter individual copper strands that were drawn, twisted, and then coated, were manufactured using an unwinder, automated winder, cord curler, injection mold machine, and extruder. Our team also considered the potential strain on cables when used on the medical carts, so they added strain relief to ensure that the coated cords did not pull out of the connector end.

Pleased with our final results, the client ordered 15,000 cables for delivery to their Tennessee location. After electrical and spark testing every cable to ensure that they met our high quality standards, the project was completed in its entirety within a timeframe of just 3-4 weeks.

Custom Cable for Medical Cart
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Custom Cable for Medical Cart

Hospital Grade Retractile Cords for Medical Cart Project Details

Project Name & Description

Cable for computer cart for nurses to take into patients rooms to gather vitals and data.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cable manufacturing – inner conductors, individual copper strands (1/4” dia copper rod drawn, then cabled/twisted), coated/extruded. Place on reel, twist, extrude, cut to length, coil to i.d. specs, strip jacket, strip wires to expose bare copper to mold connector on end. Custom over molding, strain relief (alleviates tension at end of cable to ensure coated cords do not pull out of connector end).

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Extruder, Unwinder, Injection Mold Machine, Automated Winder, Cord Curler/Rewinder

Overall Part Dimensions

4” Retracted

Material Finish

Retractile Cord: Black Polyurethane

Industry for Use


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

100% Electrically Tested, Spark Tests



Delivery/Turnaround Time

3-4 weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met

2D CAD Drawing


For further information about this coiled cable and over molded splitter, or to learn more about how Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable can custom manufacture a cord to fit your exact project specifications, please contact us directly.