Ethernet Cords for Telecommunications

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Recently, a customer in the telecommunications industry needed communication/ethernet cords with strain relief. This is one of the most common types of retractile cords, and we were well equipped to take on the project.

After full manufacturing, we used custom over molding to fabricate RJ 45 mold connectors for both ends of the cord, each of which featured strain relief to ensure that the cords would not pull out of the connector ends. These cords far exceeded standard manufacturer’s models, with over molded and booted RJ 45 connectors that provided protection over the clip itself.

When finished, the cords measured 4” retracted and 20” extended, with one end of the cord including a 12” tangent with the booted RJ 45 connector and the other end including an 18” tangent with another RJ 45 connector.

After undergoing thorough electric and spark testing, the full order of 5,000 communication cords was delivered to our client on the West Coast within just 5-6 weeks.

Ethernet Cords for Telecommunications
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Ethernet Cords for Telecommunications

Ethernet Cord Project Details

Project Name & Description

Communication/Ethernet Cord with Strain Relief

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cable manufacturing – inner conductors, individual copper strands (1/4” dia copper rod drawn, then cabled/twisted), coated/extruded. Place on reel, twist, extrude, cut to length, coil to i.d. specs, strip jacket, strip wires to expose bare copper to mold connector on end. Custom over molding, strain relief (alleviates tension at end of cable to ensure coated cords do not pull out of connector end).

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Extruder, Unwinder, Injection Mold Machine. Automated Winder, Cord Curler/Rewinder

Overall Part Dimensions

4” Retracted, 20” Extended

Material Used

Copper wire, polypropylene coating

Industry for Use


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

100% Electrically Tested, Spark Tests



Delivery/Turnaround Time

5-6 weeks

Delivery Location

West Coast

Standards Met

2D CAD Drawing


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