Custom TPE Cords for Municipality Vehicles

When a client in the safety equipment industry needed custom retractile cords for municipality vehicles, they contracted with Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable to fulfill a high-volume order.

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In order to equip these cords with advanced protection, they were finished with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). TPE provides excellent protection against environmental factors at lower costs than polyurethane alternatives. This level of protection was vital, as the cords would be used in school buses, fire trucks, and ambulances.

When dealing with safety equipment, it is crucial to meet exact customer specifications and adhere to the most stringent industrial standards. Once completed, every manufactured cord underwent spark and electric testing before it was delivered to the Indiana-based customer.

Even with a 20,000-cord project, our rapid turnaround time of 3-4 weeks production lead time was still able to uphold the high standard of quality demanded by our customer.

Custom TPE Cords for Municipality Vehicles Project Details

Project Name & Descriptions

TPE retractile cord for municipality vehicles

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cable manufacturing – inner conductors, individual copper strands (1/4” dia copper rod drawn, then cabled/twisted), coated/extruded. Place on reel, twist, extrude, cut to length, coil to i.d. specs, strip jacket, strip wires to expose bare copper to mold connector on end. Custom over molding, strain relief (alleviates tension at end of cable to ensure coated cords do not pull out of connector end).

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Extruder, Unwinder, Injection Mold Machine, Automated Winder, Cord Curler/Rewinder

Material Used

Copper Wire, Polypropylene Coating

Material Finish

TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer

Industry for Use

Safety equipment for school buses, fire trucks and ambulances

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

100% Electrically Tested, Spark Tests


Up to 20K

Delivery/Turnaround Time

3-4 weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met

2D CAD drawing


We strive to provide timely delivery on every project we complete—without compromising quality. Contact us today to find out how our advanced facility and expert personnel can support your next custom cord project.