Custom Manufactured Cable for Industrial Cleaning Machine

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A customer approached Consolidated for a custom cable to be used in a heavy-duty industrial cleaning machine.

We were able to design a custom cable that contained a high strand wire for flexibility. The paired conductors had polyethylene insulated conductors with a nylon overlay. The custom color coded three paired bundle was surrounded by a braided tinned copper shield with 80% coverage. A heavy duty polyurethane jacket was extruded over the braided bundle.

The customer was pleased with our low 5,000’ minimum production requirement and quick four-week turnaround time.

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Custom Manufactured Cable for Industrial Cleaning Machine Project Details

Product Description

This custom manufactured cable is used in a heavy duty industrial cleaning machine.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable consulted with the customer to create the best cable construction for the requirement.
Cable Extrusion Manufacturing Line

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

22 AWG (19x34) Tinned Copper Wire
Jacket Wall Thickness: .065"
Jacket O.D.: Ø.390"

Overall Part Dimensions

22 AWG (19x34) Tinned Copper Wire
Jacket Wall Thickness: .065"
Jacket O.D.: Ø.390"

Tightest Tolerances

+/- .010"

Material Used

Wire: Tinned Copper Copper
Shielding: Braided Tinned Copper 80% Coverage
Insulation: Polyethylene w/ Nylon Overlay
Jacket: Polyurethane Insulation

In process testing/inspection performed

Continuity and AC/DC Testing


3 Color Coded Pairs

  • White Paired w/ White/yellow

  • White Paired w/ White/Orange

  • White Paired w/ White/Violet

  • Voltage: 300V
    Temperature: 80ᵒC
  • Customers Name

  • Part Number

  • Foot Markers
  • Industry for Use

    Industrial Cleaning Machinery

    Lead Time

    4 Weeks


    5,000 ft

    Delivery Location

    Denver, Colorado

    Standards Met

    Customer Supplied Specifications

    Product Name

    Specialty Cable Project