Custom Cable Assembly for Fluid Management Industry

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FluidManagementPortfolio-retouchedWhen a customer needed a terminated cable assembly for its fluid management systems, Consolidated was able to provide it. We worked with the customer to create an assembly kit from scratch including packaging.

The kit included a cable assembly, custom designed brass fitting and sensor screw, sealed in a polyethylene bag that was labeled with the customer’s part number and logo.

The manufacturing of the cable assemblies was scheduled so that the inventory could be maintained to meet the customer’s just-in-time delivery needs. This also helped manage the customer’s costs through the elimination of large bulk shipments.

Custom Manufacturing Cable Assembly Project Details

Product Description

This custom cable assembly was used within a fluid management system.We have reduced the costs for our customer with just in time deliver capabilities.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

We worked with the client on providing the wire assembly the fitting, and sensor screw, used to terminate the assembly into one bagged Kit.

The cable manufacturing and the brass fitting was fabricated in house.


  • Place into Polyethylene Bags

  • Inventory Management
  • Dedicated Inventory Released per Customer's Schedule for Just In Time (J.I.T.) Logistics
  • Equipment Used to Manufacture Part


    Overall Part Dimensions

    Cable Assembly:
    Length: 1092mm
    Length: 32.5mm
    Width: 12.0mm

    Tightest Tolerances


    Material Used

    Fitting: Brass
    Wire: 14 AWG 2 Conductor (UL) CM cable
    Shielding: Unshielded cable
    Insulation: PVC
    Jacket: PVC
    Misc: Tie Wraps, Tie Wrap Base, SIT 2P Connector and Label

    In process testing/inspection performed

    Continuity testing on the cable assembly.


    RoHS Compliant and Cost Savings

    Industry for Use

    Fluid Management

    Lead Time

    Just In Time (JIT) deliveries


    12,000 Kits

    Delivery Location

    Cleveland, Ohio

    Standards Met

    (UL) for the cable

    Product Name

    Custom Cable Assembly for Fluid Management Industry